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Updated on February 11, 2010
J.S. asks from Hudson, OH
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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I would love to hear some of the little thoughtful things that you do to let your significant other know how special they are to you.
For instance, today I put hubby's jacket in the dryer for just a few minutes, so that it was toasty warm when he put it on to go to work on this freezing cold day. Every once in a while, I take my kids bathtub crayons and write him a message on the shower wall. Other things like putting notes in jacket pocket, etc.
I have found since my kids were born that I don't pay nearly as much attention to hubby, and want to let him know how much I love him!
Thanks for your ideas...

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So What Happened?

I try to do things throughout the year, I just mentioned that I thought this would be a good time to share ideas!

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answers from Los Angeles on

That is such a great idea about putting the jacket in the dryer for a few minutes! I'm going to do that tomorrow morning for my hubby! As far as sharing ....My husband's favorite breakfast is pancakes which we rarely ever have time to make as he works weekends and during the week our mornings are hectic with the kids. I plan on making him heart shaped pancakes with strawberries. I know simple but it will make him super happy! That plus what we will do behind closed doors after the kiddies go to bed *wink wink* =-) Enjoy your VDAY!


answers from St. Louis on

I often leave my husband notes (we work opposite schedules) so he'll either get it when he gets home from work or when he wakes up in the morning.

When we used to work the same schedule, I would leave notes for him so when he woke up, he'd find post-its all over the house with little sayings.

If I am out and know we are low on beer, I will pick some up for him. Same goes with his favorite type of soda/snacks/candy.

I lay out pajamas for him sometimes so when he gets home super late, he can grab them and get in/out of our room so as not to wake the baby.

**On the reverse, he has done a few very romantic things for me lately!**

For no reason, two weeks in a row, he bought me a rose and left me a note saying how he saw it and thought of me.

He also bought me lotto tickets and said he hopes I get lucky and win some money!

He'll leave me notes telling me he can't wait to see me on the weekends.

What I find that is romantic that I never would have in the past is when he cleans up, does laundry, does the dishes, etc so that I don't have to when I get home!!!



answers from Nashville on

I'll send my hubby those cute little romantic e-cards. I'll send him sweet/romantic texts while he's at work. Sometimes, when we're in the middle of our crazy nightly routine with our kids, I'll sneak off and send him a sexy picture text. LOL Just anything to let him know that I love him and I think he's super sexy!! Just have fun!!!! ;0)



answers from Indianapolis on

I agree with Kristin - I'm not a fan of Valentine's day but rather doing things throughout the year (which is sounds like you do a great job of doing).

It can be really simple things like picking up a 2 liter of his favorite soda, making his favorite dinner, telling him to go have a good night out with his buddies, etc.

My husband is very sentimental (I am not) and is great at the romantic gestures. Perhaps, even offering a 15 minute back rub each night (if he likes that) for a month just "because".

I need to do a better job - as I understand, in the end, men just want to know they're loved, needed, wanted. I need to do a better job of doing things like telling my husband how nice he looks when I get home each day.



answers from Washington DC on

My only suggestion would be to not force yourself to do things because of Valentine's day. It means more when things are done randomly. My hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's day at all, never have. We see it as just another "Hallmark holiday". We make sure to say "I love you" everyday and do something little to show it all the time.



answers from Mansfield on

My husband and I attended a sunday school class for couples based on the book love and respect. It was very enlightening and taught me that what I think of as loving he may not. My husband needs to be respected, and feel respected, just as I need to be and feel loved (or need to breath). I understand that much better now so am trying (i have gotten out of practice lately so thanks for the reminder) to constantly and consistantly show him and tell him that I do respect him and what he does, who he is, etc. We had just finished this course up around christmas 2008 so for valentines I made him a card that listed all the things I respect about him. I could have told him all the things I loved about him and the list would be similar but because I showed my understand for his need for my respect (lovingly of course) he appreciated it much more than a sappy love note.
Just a different perspective for you ladies. I highly recommend you read the book.... together if you can.

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