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Dance Class Drama

Sorry if this is too long, but my 2 and a half year old is having trouble at dance class. This is a dance school that offers a tiny tot class for 2 and 3 year olds (but only in the evening) and promotes it with an open house and two free sessions. When I took my daughter, my son had fun too, so I signed him up with the 4-5 year olds. It is a combined tuition that is a "deal" when you add a second child. I only added my son because I was taking my daughter. Their classes are at the same time. To the issue, my daughter has been ejected from...


Music Lesson Advice

Hi Moms! I am wanting to sign my children up for music lessons, but I don...

Ballet & Dance

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All She Wants to Do Is Dance

Hi everyone,my 4yr. old daughter loves to dance and has mentioned she wants to be a ballerina. Does anyone know of an affordable place where I can take her for ballet or dance lessons of some sort. I'm a single parent so I can't afford too much on my own. I also thought about ballroom dancing for her but I don't know what's the right age to start that at. Any suggestions anyone? You all always give me good advice so I want to say thank you in advance.

Guitar Lessons

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Electric Guitar Lesson???

I am looking to see if there is someone who lives in Flower Mound that can teach a electric guitar lesson for my daughter. I bought her one and I am unable to take her because of my finances. She really want to learn and I don't have the money to spend.

Piano Lessons

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Piano Lesson Book Recomendations

i was taught piano, i hated the books that my teacher used. i want to teach my kids piano, what lesson book series would you recommend? or would you go the learn it online route and what site would you recommend for that?


Piano Lesson Rates

Can you share with me what you pay for piano lessons? I've gotten a quote...


Buying a Piano

My daughter just took her first piano lesson, and she LOVED it. We do not...