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Updated on March 24, 2008
L.B. asks from Ontario, CA
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Hello All,

This is my first pregnancy, I'm due July 4th, and I know the time is coming where I will leave work. My employer has asked me when I anticpate leaving and I honestly have no idea. I don't have any "problems" and I have had a healthy pregnancy, can someone please tell me what the norm is as far as when a pregnant woman usually goes on Maternity leave?

Also, I know very little about PDL/FMLA and how the payments work, anyone with any knowledge on the subject will help me quite a bit! I'm really nervous about not working anymore and I'd like to try to plan a budget. Thanks for the input!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the information! I got a better understanding of how things work, I thought I only had 6 weeks total which seemed way too soon for me to leave my lil one behind. Again, thanks for your guidance!

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Hey, if you feel good, finish out the year. Working until 8 months is standard, isn't it? if you don't feel good, then quit early.

Congratulations. Kids are great.
A. G.

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I left work about a week before my due date but I've had friends work right up until a day or two before. Base it on how you feel. I've never heard of any limit on how early you can leave. I believe as long as you doctor can justify the disability then you're OK. After that, you're given six weeks of disability for a vaginal birth and more for a c-section (I think 8). For the mother, FMLA starts after disability. So I had six weeks disability followed by 12 weeks FMLA. The state of CA will pay for six weeks of FMLA. You should be able to get the FMLA paperwork from your company's human resources department or maybe even your doctor's office (Your dr will definitely have the PDL papers). My DR had me complete the first page of the PDL papers and then they filled out the rest & submitted them, but you have to fill out and submit the FMLA papers. I think you need to turn in a copy of the baby's birth certificate with the FMLA (if I remember correctly).

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I took off 2 weeks before my due date. And my son came that weekend. You are going to want to take some time to relax before the baby comes. There is no time after. And do not worry about not working you will be so busy with the baby you will not miss it. You could also work from home. That way you are home but still bring in some $. I have found an awsome job from home that is totally legit and perfect for moms. I would love to talk to you.



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FMLA doesn't actually pay you. It allows for you to be off of work for 12 weeks and keep your job and benefits. SDI & PFL are what you will pay you. And of course any sick leave or vacation time you have. SDI will pay you for 4 weeks before you deliver and 6 weeks after for vaginal delivery 8 weeks for c-section. Then PFL kicks in for another 6 weeks. Keep in mind that SDI has a 7 day waiting period.

Most doctors will put a healthy mom out on maternity leave 4 weeks before the due date. You can choose to stay at work longer if you're feeling good and dr says it's ok.

you can check out the edd website for more information www.edd.ca.gov or ask your hr person.

hope that helps.



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Hi - by law you are entitled to 4 weeks prior to delivery (unless your doctor feels otherwise) and then 6-8 weeks after delivery (6 weeks for normal delivery, 8 weeks for C-Section). Then there is the family medical leave act(FMLA) which pays for an additional 6 weeks to prolong your time off. (so you would have 12 weeks of pay instead of 6 through state disability). FMLA is a total of 12 weeks after the initial 6-8 weeks. The 6 weeks paid for is PFL (apid family leave).

A lot of mom's work up to the time of delivery. I have 3 children: My First, I would up till the Friday before I was scheduled for my C-Section. My Second - I took off 1 week early from my due date. My third -- work was very stressful, and I was being monitored at the hospital 2-3 days a week for the pregnancy, so my doctor wrote me off 4 weeks before the due date.

I hope that helps.

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I just went on maternity leave in August of last year. You are allowed to take up to 4 weeks before your due date and 6 weeks after vaginal delivery or 8 weeks after c-section. However, in California you are also allowed to take an additional 12 weeks off for FMLA. But this last 12 weeks you won't get paid as much as you do in the first 6 or 8 weeks you get off.... You should discuss with your HR department or call SDI, they should be able to explain it to you.



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Technically you are allowed up to two weeks before your due date to go on maternity leave. ( I left four days before).

Your doctors office will fill out the PDL papers and send them in for you. I believe(if memory serves correctly) you get paid weekly & it ends up being 75% of your normal pay (no taxes come out).

Google FMLA & maternity laws to find exacts.



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Congratulations L.! What a WONDERFUL time for you! I had my little girl 15 months ago,and struggled with the same. The forms and the info is so confusing. But looks like it's been explained to you clearly. I just wanted to share with you an excellent opportunity that may be able to KEEP YOU HOME with your angel! Check out my website: http://kellyis.stayinhomeandlovinit.com. I gave up my job, but we needed some extra income. This was the perfect solution. It's easy, it's fun, and it only costs $1 to get started. Check it out, it's a great opportunity and could allow you to stay home! Best wishes for an easy delivery!



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I believe you received some false information from some of the previous responses. Contact your Benefits Administrator at your work and they can explain it all to you!

I just came back into the workforce in March and I was off for a total of 5 1/2 months, here's how:

Pregnancy Disability will pay you a maximum of 4 months (not 4 weeks) off BEFORE the pregnancy, just in case you have morning sickness or complications w/ the pregnancy and need to be on bed rest. You can take that time any time during your pregnancy, with a note from your Doctor.

Pregnancy Disability also pays you a total of 6 weeks after the baby is born (8 weeks for c-section)
**You must take all your sick time before going on Pregnancy Disability and the first week you're on the disability you will not be paid (like any unemployment benefit)

CFML allows you to take a total of 12 weeks off ANY TIME during the 1st year of your child's life. You don't have to take it immediately following the pregnancy disability leave. 6 weeks are PAID time off and 6 weeks are UNPAID time off.
**You must take all your vacation time before going on CFML but don't have to go through another week of unpaid benefits like you do w/ Pregnancy Disability.

I left work 5 weeks before my baby was due b/c I was just so tired (I worked until the end of September 2006). I gave birth on 11/07/06 and took 6 weeks of pregnancy disability until about end of december. Then I had 2 weeks of paid vacation (from my work) until about the middle of january. Then I took the rest of the 12 weeks (6 weeks paid until end of february and 6 weeks unpaid until middle of march). I just recently came back to work in middle of march and was off for a total of 5 1/2 months but was only not paid for 6 weeks!!!

Your husband can also take the 6 weeks of paid CFLA anytime during your baby's 1st year!!! Let me know how it goes, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!



answers from San Francisco on

Generally maternity leave is 8 wks for normal delivery and 12 for c-section.
The FMLA is really cool too as they pay you for weekends. However you have to have the paper work perfect. My husband was denied as we put the babys birth date and not the date he was suppose to start and they denied us, but it was easily corrected with a phone call. If you have an HR person in the building where you work have them help you with the paper work, and make sure your Dr. signs it and does his/her part too. Its not a bad idea to start the process now so your not rushed and flustered when the day comes.
Congratulations and hope you have a fast delivery :D



answers from Los Angeles on

Part 1: ask your OB. He/She will be able to best tell you when you should leave. Disability pays up to 4 weeks before due date, and 6 weeks after delivery for a vaginal birth, 8 weeks for C-Section, up to a total of (I think) 14 weeks during the pregnancy. This means that if you were on bed rest at any point, as I was for a month, this counts toward your total.

Part 2: DO NOT TURN IN A RESIGNATION LETTER IF YOU’RE PLANNING TO STOP WORKING. My understanding is that if you are voluntarily unemployed, you are ineligible for CA State Disability. Also, as of (I believe) July 2004, CA FMLA does pay about 50% of your regular income for up to 6 weeks or 12 (don't remember), PER PARENT, after you are capable of returning to work. About 2 weeks prior to the end of this income is when you want to submit your resignation. My son was born on December 29, 2004 and I submitted my resignation March 1, 2005. (This also allowed me to keep my insurance a full extra month. If you are insured as of the 1st of the month, you are insured though the entire month. My Hubby’s insurance renews every April, so it worked PERFECT.)

Hope this helped, -J

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