Lactation Consultant in Tampa/Lutz

Updated on February 03, 2012
N.K. asks from Tampa, FL
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I am looking for a good lactation consultant. Would be very thankful to hear from those who have had a good experience with one.
Thank you.

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answers from Tampa on

Hi N.,

Labor of Love birthing Center in Lutz has a lactation consultant, her name is Carmen.

If you call the birthing center they can put you in touch with her, ###-###-####.



answers from Tampa on

I called and made an appt. with a lactation consultant at St. Josephs Womens Hospital. I believe it was 25.00 for an hour. She helped me tremendously. She was very in depth with everything and very understanding. I saw her when my daughter was about a week old, and I had started having some problems. I saw a different one while I was in the hospital after giving birth and she was wonderful as well. I think the ladies over there are great. They offered me a lot of help and advice and I was able to breastfeed for over a year, and I'm so glad I did. Check them out!



answers from Tampa on

Diana Strawbridge ###-###-####. She's an RN at UCH and head of lactation services. She also teaches labor/delivery courses - which is how I met her. She's personable and knowledgable. By the way, UCH is all about breast feeding, so if she's not available you can feel confident in the other nurses. Good Luck.



answers from Orlando on

Connie Wild comes highly recommended.



answers from Tampa on

Try the Women's Center at St Joe's Hospital. My friend had a great experience there. I know they used to even have pumps you could rent (if needed) but I don't know if they still do. Good luck! Don't give up - nursing is the most rewarding part of motherhood.

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