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Updated on July 09, 2007
A.W. asks from Mount Clemens, MI
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Can anyone recommend a good lactation consultant in the Macomb County area? I had issues breastfeeding my first child and would really like it to work with my second. I would really like to connect with someone good before my new little one arrives! Thanks!

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Here is a thought... Call the Hospy orrr ask the OB!!



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Hi A.,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

I had a lot of problems getting started with breastfeeding. I wasn't able to get my baby latched on at all for the first week. I gave up on the hospital staff. I had the help of a wonderful IBCLC - Suzie Scheiwe, and was able to nurse my baby.

Here is her contact info:

Susie Scheiwe (RN, IBCLC, MBA, LCCE, CPD (DONA))
Babes Birth and Breastfeeding Education Specialists, LLC
1004 Audubon Rd.
Grosse Pointe Park MI 48230-1407

Email: [email protected]

IBCLC Breastfeeding services: home; hospital and office visits and follow-ups; Medela & Ameda/Hollister pumps and equipment; private breastfeeding classes.

I did pay her to come to my home. If cost is an issue, please contact the La Leche League. The leaders will offer free support. I am a member of the North Macomb LLL. We would love to see you at a meeting. The next meeting is this Friday 7pm at Presbyterian Church of Utica , 11130 19 Mile Road (at Clinton River Road ), Sterling Heights , MI. Pregnant mommas (and children) are always welcome! Here is the website:



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The lactation consultant I worked with isn't from the macomb area but she is amazing and will help you anyway. I can't remeber her name for the life of me but she works out of Sinai Grace hospital in detroit. I delivered my second son in pontiac and called her as soon as I got home. She walked me through EVERYTHING over the phone said give it a day and if I'm still having issues to come see her. There is a small charge to visit her in the hospital if you don't deliver there but I'm sure she'll do what she can over the phone for free.



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This lady was very good. Her name is Denise Tononi at St. Joesph Hospital on Garfield in Clinton Twp. Call the birthing center for her extension. Good Luck!!!!



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I'm not sure which hospital you go to but Beaumont has a great lactation service. They will come to your room in the hospital and have follow-up help/care available. I'm due with a little girl in Oct too! Good luck.



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At my ob office, there is a great one. i dont know if she does it independently or not. but you can call the laleche league and they can hook you up with someone in your area. go to there website i think or google it. good luck, have fun with your baby!!

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