Know Anything About Embroidery?

Updated on April 21, 2008
E.J. asks from Richardson, TX
7 answers

I am wanting to find a machine that will do minor sewing projects and embroider names for a decently low price. I am new at both crafts... any suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

Brother is the name for embroidery machines. They invented the home embroidery machine and set the standard. Brother has a home embroidery machine that does nothing but embroidery. They also have several models that will embroider and sew utility stitches and decorative stitches. Please see Carol, the owner of Compu Sew. Its on Parker and Independence: the south west corner, behind the car stero place and half price books.

Good luck! I love my Brother embroidery machine! My kids don't hesitate to ask me to embroider things for them all the time and I've made good money embroidering blankets and such. Oh, and they are sooooooo easy to use!

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answers from Dallas on

Visit sewing machine stores - there's several around DFW - Bernina is in Frisco and N. Dallas. There's a big sewing center in Grapevine that sells several makes of machines. Go in and tell them what you're looking for and sit down and try them out. Many stores will also provide you with free lessons on how to use the machine to it's fullest potential once you buy one. Even then, if you determine what you want, you can serch eBay to see if you can find it for less. My sister-in-law bought a used machine (2 yrs old) that retailed for 4K and she got it for $1200 and has been happy with it - has now owned it for 5 yrs.



answers from Dallas on

I have a Janome/Harmony 8100 that sews as well as embroidery.There are a number of machines out there that will do what you are wanting.
I suggest that you take the time and go to a Sewing Center Store and talk to them, try a machine out, and have a list of questions you may have. If the person trys to push you on one that is costly walk out. I purhased mine at Hancock Fabrics in Lewisville. But choice out there is unbelivable it is all in what you want and willing to spend.
I spent clouse to $1200.00 for my machine and customizer to be able to down load from the computer and that was 2 years ago. Just do research, and when you go out to check them out if at all possible make arangements for some one to watch your daughter so you can able to check out the machine, talk to the sales person without trying to take care of your daughter.
The machine I have may be more than you are looking for, but I have 3 adult daughters, 9 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren I sew for all of them, as well as for friends, other family members,and the public.
Janome is the brand I highly recamend.
Good Luck.



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I LOVE my little embroidering machine! I got the Disney Brother machine - they sell it at Wal-Mart, I got mine on Amazon. Anyway, it's easy and perfect for home projects - pillow cases, towels, burp cloths, and gifts like that! Everyone loves personalized gifts!! I've had machines in the past - but I LOVE this one!! Anyway, hope that helps!
Also, I saw your post on the 1/2 birthday. I have 4 kids - 2 fall and 2 summer - I've never actually done the half birthday but my friend did. Her son is also a Christmas birthday so she has a normal summer 1/2 birthday for him - the whole big thing and then on his actual bithday just has the immediate family dinner/cake thing. For my summer kids, I do send their school cupcakes on their half birthday and I've seen alot of other parents start doing that so that the end of school isn't bombarded with all the summer birthday kids' bringing treats on the last day. Hope that makes sense. 1/2 birthdays are becoming more common.
Hope that helps!



answers from Dallas on

Hi E.,
I just saw one at Walmart, it was about $400.00, If that's too expensive , (Reminder) Walmart has Lawaway.
Good Luck



answers from Dallas on

Buy used and buy from a dealer. If you buy a used machine from a dealer, they are thoroughly checked over and you get lessons, warranty and service for a year. You don't get that buying online or privately and often you are stuck. My advice for choosing one is to go to Viking, Bernina, Pfaff, Elna and Janome dealers and try out their machines. These manufactures are some of the best out there for any kind of machine. Sew on them, take your time and don't let them push you. Decide which one is a fit for you and then be prepared to wait for one. When I bought my first high-end machine I waited 6 months before I found the model I was wanting. My dealer finally said one was coming in on a trade and I was there the next morning with my deposit.

I like these dealers:

Bell's Bernina in Garland - I drive 25 miles past another dealer to him because he is so good.

Viking - in JoAnn's in Frisco - I teach classes for JoAnn's and I really like these ladies - Ask for Sherry, she is the best.

Janome - The Sewing Room in Frisco, across the parking lot from the Super Target by Stonebriar Mall.

I do not know Elna or Pfaff dealers but I do know their machines. Since I teach sewing I see and sew on all types of machines.

A comment about Brother, they do have a decent machine as long as you stay on the high-end. Also, I wouldn't touch a Singer with a 10 ft pole, they are finally starting to put out better machines again but I wouldn't buy one just yet.

Happy Sewing!



answers from Dallas on

I know a lady who does awesome monogramming for a VERY decent price, if that's what you're looking for!

Her web site is

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