Kid That burps.....OFTEN

Updated on July 14, 2012
T.F. asks from Muenster, TX
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My daughter, age 6, seems to have a bupring issue. Something will set it off (I am starting a food diary to see if it is a certain food) and she will bup, and burp, and burp..............for long periods of time. She used to "swallow" her bups, which I know could def lead to uncomfort, but we have suceeded in getting her to at least let them out now instead of "gulping" them back.
When she suffers, she says she does NOT have a stomach ache and her burps do not "taste". She seems to have no other issues relating to gas/pressure. It seems to not cause pain but it still bothers me.....and I am not the only one that has noticed it (my mother noticed it when we were at a play a few weeks back and was also concerned).
She DID have terrible colic, which we later diagnosed as GERD/Acid Reflux AS A NEWBORN/INFANT but has not really had any issues since.

-I admit that I have always been a gassy person from the bottom end....I was also colicy as a baby and do experience GERD as an adult quiet easily. My daugther no doubt has a high genetic tendency to gastro issues, even if minor annoyances.
-She does not generally eat too fast (tho I should prob note that in her food diary if I do believe she has eaten quickly for some reason). And she is quite the healthy eater, preferring FRUIT and hardly ever eating anything fried. She does not drink a lot when she eats (what contributes often to swollowing air) and even, IMO, drinks too little. I don't think swollowing air is the cause but maybe I could watch and see if she swollows air while she eats just to make sure I think this is within normal limits.
-She does not purposly swollow air for fun: she gets embarassed when someone asks her if she is ok (due to her excessive burping). I have thought of this as a reason (as I too know kids that do this) and have ruled it out. I'm thinking at school others have asked her if she is "ok" too by the way she "clams up" when I first started asking her..........

DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH THIS AND/OR could offer some words of advice? Should I worry or wait it out? Should I give her some sort of gas meds when this happens? Should I be worried of related issues to gas or meds for it? If I take this to her dr (whom is great), would he even be able to do anything or would it turn into specialists and proding (it is not painful: I don't want to traumatize her or break my already slim pocketbook)...............LOOKING FOR ADVICE!


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answers from Dallas on

My oldest went through this, for him it was just a phase. All my kids have had various odd phases that have eventually passed. I would ignore it and see if she stops doing it. If not, maybe try zantac?

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answers from Seattle on

Just double checking she's not doing it for fun?

My son gulps air (and has for ages) for fun. Both the feeling going down and burping it back up. We're talking every day, and sometimes 20,000 times a day (okay, slight exaggeration on the 20k, but it drives me crazy).

I just ask because you say she shows absolutely no signs of discomfort, gas, pain, bloating, etc.

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answers from Chicago on

My husband's hiccups sound like burps. For a long time, I thought he was being so rude and I finally said something, and he told me he is hiccuping! He'll hiccup maybe 6 times and be done, but it sounds like 6 loud burps. Maybe your daughters hiccups are similar???

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answers from Redding on

Her digestive tract might still be a bit immature, too relaxed, so it allows the gas up. Think about it, the alternative comes from the OTHER end :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Don't let her drink from a straw ... We take in more air that way. Don't let her chew ice. Chewing the ice releases the trapped air and can cause burping and trapped gas (which can be extremely painful). A little peppermint candy after eating may help the gas to dissipate without burping. I have gastric issues and these are all things my GI docs have recommended over the years.

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answers from Appleton on

Does she eat too fast and swallow air as she eats? That could be the cause of excessive burping.

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answers from Austin on

I had a friend once who couldn't eat cucumbers or pickles (maybe melons too), because somehow they would cause the valve at the top of the stomach to relax too much. I think it was an actual condition diagnosed by a doctor, but I don't know what it was called.


answers from Wichita on

My youngest daughter was very colic until she was four months old. She's now four and struggles with hiccups that can get out of control and cause her to vomit. It only happens if she starts laughing too hard. I tell her to stop laughing and get a sip of water. I think it's painful so she stops right away and settles down and it goes away. She has to really be laughing hard for it to start up but it happens often enough.

As for advice; I haven't taken her to her pediatrician because we can get her's to stop. My advice however would be to take your daughter in for an opinion and a second opinion if needed. I don't think it's an anti-gas remedy she will need, it seems to me more like an acidic complication and the burps are a result. I'm obviously not a Dr. though lol. If you suspect any acid though then I would definitely take her in because acid can cause damage. Good luck!

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