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Updated on January 08, 2009
T.J. asks from Hillsboro, OR
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Hi Ladies-
I was wondering what other kid play areas there are in the Portland, Beaverton, or Hillsboro. And what do you like/ dislike about the ones out there?
I ahve been to Me To! and Munchkin Playland and want to know what other options there are.

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answers from Portland on

You should check out "Out Of This World!" It's a totally sweet place to play, great for any age AND parents love it too! They have 15,000 sq ft of indoor play area with a tall climbing structure that has 4 slides, inflatables to jump on, plasma cars to ride, a reading and crawl area (mostly for babies), slides just for little ones (under 2), and a pretend area with house/kitchen and grocery shopping with play food. They also have a pizza parlor (limited menu and a little pricey but the food is GOOD).

Papa's Pizza has an indoor play area. Free to play but it's nice to buy something off the menu to support the business.

Pump It Up is awesome! Lots of inflatables to jump on, it's great for wearing the kids out. The Junior locaton at Bethany/Cornell even has special times for only kids 3 and under and special visits from characters like Elmo and Dora.

Top Notch (by the Hillsboro Costco) has had play time for little ones, but I'm not sure if they still do. Check their calendar or call and ask about the preschool playtime. They have several trampolines and a very large tunnel maze type thing (air blows it up and kids run around inside it).

Each of these places is around $5 except Papa's which is free. We frequent OOTW the most, but I like them all. Easy on the budget and a variety of different activities. I like Me Too the least because you have to lock your kids inside a little room and you can't play with them! It is also the smallest. I am not familiar with Munchkin Playland!

Your child is still young, but all of these are appropriate places for him if he can walk, run, and jump! And if not, these places can help him build those skills! (My friend had a late walker and her physical therapist recommended Pump It Up and before long, she was walking like a pro!)

There is also Safari Sam's in Sherwood, but that seems more geared towards older kids (mini golf, climbing structures). I just wanted to post their info in case other moms are out there looking at this post for ideas of fun places to play!!

Have fun!!! ~K.
(You should also check out We have an event coming up in April and often have great coupons for places like these in our shopper Goody Bags!)

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answers from Portland on

Shute Park is great in Hillsboro in good weather.. there's also a place my friend told me about Pump It Up..full of plastic bouncy houses and stuff.. in Portland you have the Children's Museum.



answers from Portland on

A couple of other ideas:

Oregon Gymnastics Academy (OGA)in Beaverton behind Pump It Up JR also has Open Play Hours where you can use the facility. The place is all padded of course, you can use the equipment which is geared for the youngest to older kids with mini obstacle courses too (kind of like My Gym but real gymnastics stuff) and they put out ride on toys and big balls for the playtimes. There is also a cool trampoline and foam pit to jump arouond. My daughter takes lessons there and also loves the playtime. I know they offer it at least 3 mid-mornings a week. You don't have to be enrolled to participate (there is a fee).

Also, for open art studio where you can just show up and either paint, use pastels or do ceramics/clay stuff, there is My Masterpiece Art Studio in Beaverton on Nimbus just North of Hall Blvd. Absolutely fabulous fun. You can purchase a paint or clay packet which includes a canvas for example and you can do anything you want in the studio for as long as you want. No time limit. They are open 10-6pm and also offer classes for the little ones. Great fun!

Finally, we also enjoy going to Sunset Lanes. Your son may be a bit too young still, but by the time my daughter was 3, she could manage to get the lightest ball up on the kids-ramp and roll it down the lane. It's a nice family thing on a rainy day.

Have fun!



answers from Portland on

My kids love the giant playplace at the Burger King on Barbur Blvd near Terwilliger just off I-5. It is free for kids under two. Safari Sam's in Sherwood is also free for kids under two, and so is Pump it Up and Pump it Up Jr. We have also enjoyed the Tualatin Hills Rec Centers. Some of them set up the gym with all sorts of toys for little kids and they are great on rainy days. We go to the one at Conestoga. Tigard Playschool does something similar a few days a week, and it is located at a church off Walnut and Hwy 99 in Tigard. OMSI is awesome, even for little kids. My kids also like the kids play area outside JC Pennys at Washington Square Mall. When the weather warms up, check out Jergen's park near Tualatin, and Snyder park in Sherwood. They both have sand and water features that are really fun for kids. The park across from the Beaverton library has a neat fountain for hot days, but the one at Memorial Park in Wilsonville is better for smaller kids and it's worth the drive.

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