Karate on West Side of LA?

Updated on July 21, 2011
D.D. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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Does anyone know of a good karate school/dojo where I can take my almost 4yo boy? He is a little shy, and I think he would benefit from some added self-confidence.

Also - does anyone know how this works? Do you have to go all year round once you get into it? How often do most kids go? I want to start him on soccer and tee ball next year, and I don't want him to be over committed, but of course I want him to follow through on his commitments. Thoughts?

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My kids are involved with 2 martial arts, and most of them require a 3 day a week committment. Unlike soccer and T ball they are year round. My kids also played other sports, and what we did was during the season sport time we cut karate/fencing down to 2 days as needed. I can't help you on Westside locations, but I'm sure there are several good ones. Observe an appropriate class and make sure they are working with the kids in a manner that you think would be good for your son.

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my son just spent an year and a half there... he started at 4... Its a HUUUUGE commitment... Its called z ultimate self defense studio... they have a few locations, BH, West LA... we went to the one on pico and Prosser... its expensive, about 200 a month... u make a year contract, u can always get out of it, but u do have to give 30 day notice... u have to have one private class, 30 min, and 1-3 group classes, each an hour or 45 min. long... for your kids age, the classes are on Monday and Wednesday, at 330 and i think one on sunday!!! anyway, its ALOT!!! testing costs $$$... Sparing gear, when he's reached orange and going for purple is $250!!!! anyway, for us, we've done it for a while, it became overwhelming, so we're exploring other things... if he ever wants to go back, i figured he can always do so...
u can always do a free tryout, to see if he's ready!!!
we're also gonna try another studio, its called Dawn Barnes karate kids... google it...
hope this helped...

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There is a karate studio in downtown El Segundo for kids. I hear it is really good! I think it is a class that goes several weeks or something, not year round. Not positive, though.

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My son has been going to Karate since he was 3 years old. He's almost 9 now. He goes in Woodland Hills so I don't know anything on the West side. He goes twice a week during the week all year long to keep up with the testing schedule. Sometimes we'll go an extra day to make up for a day we missed. He likes to do basketball too but that is just on the weekends. The Karate has definitely made my son more self confident. They get up in front of the class and lead the class in certain activities. The schedule for the younger kids is not as hard as the schedule for the older kids. Hope this helps!

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