Just for Fun: Crazy Christmas Stories

Updated on December 30, 2010
R.S. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Hi mommas, I am in the mood for some good humor....

Since we just had Christmas a few days ago, any funny stories you want to share involving your kids (or husband, whatever)?

My 3 year old little one is wonderfully potty trained, albeit new to the concept of training etiquette. We had a beautiful Christmas dinner: candlelight, red napkins, ham, vegetables...it was perfect and nearly "Rockwellian!" Until: right in the middle of dinner, my son loudly announced, 'I have to pee!" and prompty took off to the guest bathroom, which is located directly across from the dining room. He proceeds to pull up the toilet seat, pull down his pants, then his briefs...all with the door open, and in full view of my Father in Law and everyone else at the table! We all got "mooned," LOL! and my husband rushed to close the door behind him so we won't have to witness him peeing in the toilet during dinner.

About 20 mintues later: "I have to POOT!" and again he marches off with intention. My husband followed him this time, anticipating what might happen next. But this kid is so fast -- he managed to get to the bathroom and again pull his pants and underwear, ready to moon us all a second time with the door open! My husband got to the door just in time, and closed it right as he was bending over.

Of course, my husband and I are apologizing profusely to the family..."he never does this normally, he knows to close the door!" and so on, which is true! Why he chose to share with us on Christmas Day during dinner is beyond me.

Oh, dear, these crazy toddlers! it certainly made for a most memorable holiday.

Does anyone have a funny story to share?

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So What Happened?

LOL! Thanks for the great laughs! Keep em coming!

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answers from Kansas City on

My son wrote me a letter that said,"Mom, I love you very much! If you buy me some Pokemon cards I will love you even more. Love A". As if Christmas wasn't just 4 days ago (and his Bday in 2 wks)! Lol

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sweetest Christmas moment:
My youngest son is very reserved and shy but VERY smart and funny...he doesn't talk a lot but when he does it is VERY loud and something usually very important...

I sing my boys the chorus of the John Lennon song "Beautiful Boy" all the time...it goes "Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful.....beautiful Boy"!

We put up the Christmas tree and my son sings to me "beautiful...beautiful...beautiful...beautiful Tree"!
Talk about melting my heart!

Funniest Christmas story:
When I was a kid, we went with all my older cousins and my mom to cut down our own tree...it took forever to find one we all liked and when we did my oldest guy cousin Rusty had a horrible time cutting it down! When we got home, it was way too big and wouldn't fir thru the door....we had to start cutting off branches....eventually it fit but we had cut off way too many branches and it looked terrible! My cousins and my mom had the brilliant idea to nail some branches back on :) My cousin Rusty was so MAD!!
It was hilarious (not that he was mad, just the whole thing) and we laugh about as a family still to this day...and that was almost 25 years ago!!

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answers from Binghamton on

Every year my mother-in-law hosts a carolling party with all of her very proper friends. This particular year, our three-year-old had just learned a rather racy version of "Oh Tannenbaum" involving very unChristmaslike bodily functions. For weeks before the party, I had told her that this song was rude and she was not to sing it for her Grandma. She had promised again and again that she wouldn't.
So, of course, on the day of the party itself, dressed in a red frilly Christmas dress with her blonde hair in little curls, my Christmas angel placed herself at the top of the stairs, cleared her little throat to make sure she had everyone's attention and sang her rude song at the top of her squeaky little lungs. This display was followed by a short, shocked silence, before my mother-in-law burst out laughing followed by all her friends. I was mortified, but they were all very amused.

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answers from New York on

On the way to see a Christmas light display my 4 year old asks why aren't all the houses decorated. Before I could say anything, she asked if not everyone celebrates Christmas. I told her that our Jehovah Witness friends don't, our Muslim friends don't and Jewish people celebrate Chanukah. Her response? "Oh like the Jewish boys on the song!". She and her sister are obsessed with the "Candlelight" song. (If you haven't heard it yet YouTube Candlelight, very catchy)

So then she asks what's the story of Chanukah. I'm thinking I have no idea but in the song they kind of explain it, so here's the best part of our conversation.

Me: So there's these guys called the Greeks
KK: The grapes?
Me: No, the Greeks.
KK: The guys with the funny dresses (togas)
Me: Yes, them. So they decided to fight with the Jewish people because they didn't want them to believe in God the way they do.
KK: You mean they didn't want them to read their old book (The Old Testament)
Me: Right, so they got in a big fight.
KK: Like my white blood cells fighting with germs when I get sick.
Me: Umm, yeah like that. So they're fighting and the Jewish people won!
KK: So what did they win?
Me: What do you mean?
KK: Did they get like 100 points or something?
Me: (Trying hard not to laugh) No, they got to live.
KK: And read their old book.

I've been told that it's the best rendition of the story of Chanukah ever.

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answers from New York on

The exact same thing happened to me this Christmas...but it was my 91-year-old FATHER! Um. YEEEEUUUWW!!! ;)

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answers from Las Vegas on

My son rushed into our bedroom in Christmas morning, exclaiming, "Santa came! I am nice! I am nice!" What my husband didn't realize that during the past 6-weeks, whenever our son would give me a hard time, I would ask him what Santa would think and would this type of behavior land him on Santa's naughty or nice list. Worked like a charm. Too bad it doesn't seem to work as well during January through mid-November.

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answers from Alexandria on

Christmas morning we opened presents with my two DD (5 & 22mos), my mom, my brother and his wife, and my other brother.
My youngest will be 2 soon. Christmas morning with her this year was just priceless. She was more interested in the candy in her stocking then anything else. She enjoyed ripping the paper and playing with the bows more than the presents. She would open a present say "ooooh!" throw it down and move onto the next!
At one point she opened the package of new PJ's her aunt and uncle got her. She said "oooh! pretty!" as she began to strip out of her current pjs and insisted on putting on the new one's tags and all. Mind you this was one of those carters sets that came with pants, a shortsleeve shirt and a longsleeve shirt. She had to wear all of it, and right now!

In attempting to organizing the way too much stuff my kids get from everyone my husband and i were at the store. I wanted to get one of those plastic cabinets that has several drawers for my oldest to put all of her craft/coloring stuff in. I pointed one out and he went to pick it up to put it in the cart.
He said, "are you sure? this looks cheap to me. Look the drawers
don't even open," as he shakes at a drawer furiously trying to open it.
I said, "the drawers at taped shut."
He looked at me and looked at the drawers. He was red faced as he silently placed the drawers in the cart and walked away.
Too funny!

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answers from Stockton on

My 4yo had a big tantrum Christmas morning when he realized Santa had come and gone already. He had been planning on asking for a ride on his sleigh to the North Pole and back. He was so disappointed.

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