Kind of Silly Question What Beverages Do You Serve?

Updated on May 26, 2011
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
41 answers

my early el kids get sunny D with breakfast- i know not the best.
with lunchthey get water one kid always drinks it the other sometimes only sips a little bit
Milk with dinner and as much water as they want through out the day but they never ask for it, i offer alot though.

I'm just curious what beverages your kids have , mostly the kiddos that are 3 or older.

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So What Happened?

huh, milk for breakast. sounds yucky to me, but i agree the sunny d isn't the best.

mmmm a nice veggi omlette and a cold frosty glass of milk? yum yumm a nice bowl of seasonal fruit and a glass of milk??

I do appreciate your replies though, we may try again with some different juice flavors, maybe we just got burned out on apple juice.

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answers from St. Louis on

I only give my kids milk or water. I think juice is just a waste of money and calories, not to mention the sugar.

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answers from Phoenix on

Milk for breakfast and water the rest of the day. Sometimes they will get a juicebox in their lunch but it usually comes home with them about 75% of the time, so I don't always pack them. Sometimes rootbeer when we go out and occassionally chocolate milk.

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answers from Seattle on

Two boys ages 8 and 5. (there's a 4 month old too, but she's only drinking mama milk at this point)
Breakfast they can have milk or water
Lunch they can have milk or water
Dinner they can have milk or water

If there are drinks in the middle of the day....milk or water. LOL
Sometimes, on rare occasions, they are offered juice or Crystal Light.

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answers from Kansas City on

Water. My kids are older, but you really need to take a look at your sunny D, it's nothing but colored sugar water.

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answers from Seattle on

Kids drink 2% milk for Breakfast and Dinner.
For lunch at school I send 100% juice boxes and a water bottle.
My daughter drinks 'tea' in the morning with me, which is honey dissolved in boiling water, add a splash of my English Breakfast and 1/2 milk.

We occaisionally drink Odwalla OJ and fresh squeezed OJ when we had orange trees - that was truly the BEST.

For parties I serve sparkling apple cider for the kids. And I make lots of fresh lemonade during the summer.

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answers from Biloxi on

My son drinks milk, water and occasionally juice. We drink lots of water.

He is almost 15 now and I was one of "those" Moms. He didn't know chocolate milk existed until he went to pre-school at age 3 and they had "chocolate milk Wednesdays", he didn't have any soda until he was almost 5, and that was Sprite given to him by his father. No iced tea, no colored sodas, no Kool-aid, etc.

So he has fairly healthy drinking habits. Oh, he enjoys the occasionally Coca-Cola now, but I usually buy him caffeine free soda when I indulge him and buy them for the house (about three times a year, coinciding with his birthday and school breaks). He gets about two "real" cokes per month as a treat.

You might want to try Libby's juices for breakfast - they really taste terrific and are all juice. The Mango one is heaven.

God Bless

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answers from Chicago on

milk sounds yucky for breakfast?? what about cereal - you wouldn't put sunny d in that!

try not to project your preferences onto your kids if they aren't healthy choices. we do milk for breakfast, water throughout the day, milk with dinner. they can have 1 cup of juice or juice box a day.



answers from Pittsburgh on

DS is 5. He has milk and water with each meal. Water between meals unless he asks for milk. If we are traveling and have breakfast at a hotel, he occasionally gets fresh squeezed orange juice. He has never had soda or chocolate milk.

We do tap water. Bottled water has too much of a negative environmental impact.



answers from Missoula on

For my three year-old its milk or water for breakfast, except on weekends, then orange juice if he wants it. Milk or water for lunch and dinner also, but juice boxes (100% juice only) twice per week in the lunch he takes to preschool.



answers from Columbus on

Milk and water at our house too.

Occasionally, my son has a babyccino when I am out and stop for coffee. It sounds much cuter than it is - frothed milk with a tiny bit of chocolate powder on top. :)



answers from Oklahoma City on

We keep Juicy Juice in the fridge all the time. It hardly ever goes bad from sitting too long. We let the kids drink pretty much however much milk/chocolate milk they want. The just about drown in water, they drink it a lot.

Between me (Drinking a glass every other day or so, and cooking) and the 2 kids we drink about 3/4 of a gallon a day. Maybe it's a lot but both kids have always been in the 50% range. They are neither skinny or over weight. They are healthy normal kids. They eat happy meals and other fast food a couple of times a week, they don't get home cooked meals every night either. Our schedules after school are just too full.


answers from Houston on

Milk and water. We get orange or apple juice diluted with water maybe once a month. For a special treat, maybe once a week, we get chocolate milk. Same as adults, we don't buy sodas, kool-aid, junk juice or anything like that either.



answers from Eugene on

Its milk and water only. When we are out it will be a treat to get a juice at the store. I noticed if I bought anything else they drank it like a snack and wouldn't eat dinner.


answers from Los Angeles on

My kids drink Oj, milk, V8, cranberry juice, or apple juice with breakfast.

Same for lunch.

Dinner is usually always milk.

Water whenever they are thirsty during the day.

~When we go out to eat, I let them order whatever they feel like...sometimes it's a soda sometimes its milk sometimes its just water.

We are a water drinking family! We LOVE us some Pelligrino in my house!
I grew up in LA, California and grew up on nothing but bottled I am a bit of a water snob...we do not do 'tap' water at my house, sorry.

We sometimes have Gatorade.... and sometimes have Izzy's...I LOVE those!

*We occasionally do doughnuts for breakfast on the weekends and when we do I always buy them either chocolate or pink (strawberry) milk to's a treat!



answers from Honolulu on

Sometimes juice that is watered down 50% with water
That's it.
For the juice, I give only real fruit juice, with no corn syrup. LOTS of juices, has corn syrup in it and/or other added sugars with the "ose" ending.
And absolutely no soft drinks.

My daughter who is 8, likes teas as well. Herbal teas, chamomile, green tea, fruit teas etc.



answers from Las Vegas on

I serve water or sometimes milk with breakfast. A juice box with lunch. Water with dinner and throughout the rest of the day.



answers from Lancaster on

Six kids 14 down to 18 mos. They get goatmilk, water, and fresh Vitamix juice (smoothies). They also drink other "milks"; oat, hemp, almond, soy, rice, etc.

As a treat some of them get flavored seltzer water. The unsweetened type, of course.

Birthdays requests are usually lemonade or chocolate milk.



answers from Dallas on

they get milk or 100% juice with their meals, in between meals it is just water, although I will put a squirt of lemon or lime juice in or I often drink cucumber water & they love that, sometimes in the summer I will cut up other fruit/veggies & put it in their water & they like that too...if we go out for dinner (which is rare) I do let them choose whatever they want to drink, but just one (kids) cup....



answers from Pittsburgh on

Smoothie with organic skim milk & yogurt & fruit in the morning.
Takes a bottle of water to school.
Capri Sun Roaring Water pouch for lunch
Something after school--water, juice or decaf iced tea.
Water with dinner. Or tea. Or another pouch of Roaring Water.
Hot chocolate before bed sometimes. Or milk. Or water.

Mine is 8.


answers from Williamsport on

Milk, watered down juice (1/8 juice), or water. For rare treat or "picnic" they'll get a juicy juice box. I TOTALLY don't believe those Juicy Juice boxes are all natural like they claim. They taste like sugar juice beverages not natural juice-which I have been drinking my whole life, so I do know how real juice tastes.



answers from Kansas City on

My older kids are 5 & 3. They only get milk and water.



answers from Chicago on

My kids do not like milk, so we have it but it rarely makes it's way out of the fridge, unless someone has taste for a cereal (maybe 2xmonth).
I serve water with ice, lemonade (freshly squeezed lemons and brown sugar), camomile tea unsweetened, green tea with honey, juices and 7-up very rarely and diluted 1:3 with water. My older one gets one Coca-cola a day to take to school for his ADHD caffeine fix. My kids also like at times yogurt drinks and malted soy beverages. Once in a while I give the little guy fresh juice in a morning (apple, carrot, pineapple, etc.), the big one refuses it flat so he gets coffee or water.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I think I'm lucky that my 3yo son loooooves water with a splash of juice. He gets 8-10oz of coconut milk in the morning or after dinner depending on his mood :)



answers from New York on

my 6 years olds will have either orange juice or milk with breakfast. water for lunch and dinner. if we are out and about they get juice boxes. but water mainly.



answers from Norfolk on

My kids (5 and 3) drink milk with meals and water between meals. Every once in a while one of them will request orange juice. I still water the juice down quite a bit.


answers from Jacksonville on

Water, lowfat milk (with Carnation instant breakfast for my older one, at breakfast), gatorade sometimes (it's a treat), and.... that's about it. My older one drinks soda or iced tea when we are out sometimes. (He'll be 13 this summer). Our youngest ONLY drinks water at restaurants. She doesn't like lemonade, tea, soda (except grape soda), orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice, or pretty much anything but water, gatorade and milk. Or milkshakes. (She'll be 10 this summer).

Breakfast is milk or water. Lunch is always water. Dinner is usually water, unless we are having a cookout, then son prefers to have a soda with the other guests.


answers from Cleveland on

Lots of water. Only juice I buy is 100% juice with no added sugar. Usually if we go out to eat I will let DD have a chocolate milk, but at home she gets white milk. No soda or kool-aid, and no Sunny D either :)



answers from Spokane on

my daughter gets a drink after breakfast (since she wants cereal). if we have something different like eggs, pancakes etc she gets a drink of choice milk or juice.
for lunch she will drink milk or a juice and dinner is milk or water.
she also gets as much water as she wants all day. the juice we give her is caprisun roaring waters.


answers from Rochester on

50/50 juice/water for breakfast (still 100% juice, still watered down) and milk for both lunch and dinner. At other times during the day, it's water. That's for the six year old. My one year old, who is allergic to cow's milk and still breastfeeding, refuses to drink anything else BUT water. So, for her, I only give water.



answers from Denver on

I've recently learned it's best not to drink anything with meals. It actually interferes with the digestion process and can wash away the stomach acids which are necessary for good digestion. Drink before the meal or a couple of hours after, but not WITH the meal, apparently. I keep milk, goat milk and OJ in our fridge and water is always available. Luckily my kids actually prefer water over any other drink.



answers from Minneapolis on

I make my own iced tea, and my kids really enjoy it. I add some honey when it's still hot so it is naturally sweetened. They also get 100% juice diluted with water, milk, and water.



answers from Cleveland on

I only give my children 100% juice, like apple or grape. I almost always water it down as well, especially if it is OJ (way too sweet). I also allow them to drink 1% milk and chocolate milk (usually Ovaltine) and lots of water.



answers from Dallas on

nothing that contains sugar for my kids... juices, sodas, etc. UNLESS it is at a party or somewhere where all the other children are drinking it. I don't want him to feel left out :)
strictly milk and water for my son!


answers from Phoenix on

milk and water only. milk for all meals, water all other time. if we go out to eat, they get a diet soda. no juice at all, never have had it. my kids are 15 (spec needs, only drinks water), 11 and 8. and they don't ask for it. funny, one of my kids friends little brother was over (I think he's about 4) and asked for juice. I told him we didn't have any and offered him water. He said, you mean you need to buy some? I said, no, we don't buy juice, we just drink milk and water. He was so confused!!! It was pretty funny. Anyway, just milk and water at our house!!!



answers from Harrisburg on

My kids get milk or water throughout the day. We rarely have juice or other drinks in the house.


answers from Kalamazoo on

Kids (ages 6 and 8) have always had milk with breakfast and dinner, juice with lunch and water the rest of the time.


answers from Albuquerque on

Sunny D always made my children go to the bathroom a lot. I would possible get real juice. :-)



answers from Fargo on

Lots of water, kefir -when I remember to buy it, some milk and juice only when they have low blood sugars.



answers from Chicago on

I make fresh lemonade or limeade all year round (sliced lemons, water, and honey) or fresh mint tea (pour boiling water over mint leaves, add honey and let sit, pour cold water over to fill the container and chill). We never have any kind of soda in our house, and juice is only if it's freshly squeezed. On occasion, my daughter has had cranberry juice (I have been craving it throughout my pregnancy so she's seen me drink it)...but in general, juice is not offered frequently. I offer milk with breakfast, and water, lemonade or mint tea throughout the day.


answers from Houston on

water and soy, almond, rice and 2%milk, sometimes perrier or watered down gatorade.(for really sweat producing moments). i allow my oldest to have iced tea. Im very careful with sugar intake where drinks are concerned. Peopl too often mindlessly ingest these calories with satiating their thirst. Unknowingly getting a whole meals worth of calories, just drinking.

I have diabetes in my family and im pretty sure i can lay 65% of the blame on cola. My parents and g-parents might as well have hooked up a high fructose corn syrup iv.

We are not all perfect though, sometimes when dining out i allow sprite, or a smoothie or shake. i will never supply the same thing at home.



answers from San Francisco on

My kids are 4 and just barely 2. I offer water anytime during the day several times a day, and milk. Occasionally they will get a small 4oz cup of apple or berry juice--natural organic juice. My 2 year old LOVES mineral water so I will usually dilute the 4oz juice with 1/2 of it mineral water. My 4 year old doesn't like bubbly water-so he will drink regular water. My kids don't drink soda or any sweet stuff except for the occasional cup of juice.


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