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Updated on December 14, 2010
B.R. asks from Dallas, TX
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We are expecting our first child in a few weeks and I'm trying to get all the last minute items together. What items do you usually have in your changing table? I assumed diapers, wipes, but what other supplies are helpful to have?

Thanks for your help!!

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answers from Dallas on

In addition to the diaper cream, I would also recommend "changing cloths" A thick cotton material, they lay across the changing pad, over the regular cover and are easy to pick up and toss in the hamper if they get dirty. They save time and keep the pad and cover clean. If push comes to shove, cloth diapers work great, too.


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answers from Dallas on

At my changing table, I have diapers, wipes, nose spray, a bulb syringe, lotion, nail clippers, and aquafor. Those are things I use regularly enough to have out. I guess the bulb syringe and the nose spray could be kept in the medacine cabinet and only brought out when they have a runny nose, but these seem to have a runny nose all the time...

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answers from Phoenix on

Baskets, baskets and more baskets to keep things organized, but within easy reach. We have lotions, Mustela's no-rinse baby wash and small cloths in one (great for newborn sponge baths and quick clean-ups when older). Diaper creams are in another. Daytime diapers and nighttime diapers each get their own basket. We also keep all extra wipes on the lower shelf, along with small, reusable, waterproof pads (another newborn essential), a bottles of Dreft stain treatment spray (so dirty things can be sprayed before put in the laundry basket), a grooming kit, diaper pail bags and an extra changing table cover. Closet or dresser, hamper or laundry basket and diaper pail should all be within easy reach for your sanity's sake. Good luck with your new baby!

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answers from La Crosse on

Clear Plastic Shoe Organizer...great for over the door to hold medicines, creams, small items like Q-Tips, alcohol, corn starch, aspirators, band-aids, etc. Even toiletries like the small clippers and comb and brush set can be easily organized because everything is in one place and easy to find in the clear pouches.



answers from Philadelphia on

hand sanitizer (for you). lotion (for baby's face and body)



answers from Dallas on

I keep the diapers in a basket so they're easy to grab. Also have cornstarch based powder, since the pediatrician says it's better than diaper cream for diaper rash-- and she seems to be right. Also, now that our twins are 8 months old I keep a few distracting toys there so they'll stay still and let me change them!
Oh and since our changing table has drawers, I keep pjs and onesies in the top drawer in case we need a clothing change and burp clothes in the second drawer in case of spit up (though wipes would work fine!)



answers from Chicago on

Desitin is a must at any changing station in my house!
Pump-operated hand sanitizer
Nail clipper
Safety cotton swabs
Nasal aspirator
Boogie Wipes
Small plastic bags to put the poopy diapers in. (I stopped using a diaper pail with my 2nd kid...they NEVER smell good, so all diapers go out immediately to the trash in the garage.)



answers from Dallas on

hand sanitizer for you...i also used it on the aspirator between cleanings!



answers from Chicago on

A place for a change of clothes and the dirty diaper pal within arms reach, small basket with diaper creams. I always have used the top of a dresser it is longer and has more room the stuff I like to have close at hand. In the top drawer is diapers and wipes and clean undershirts, socks too. Congrats on the baby!



answers from Amarillo on

If it's a boy & you plan to circumcise him, you'll need vaseline. Other items I like to have in hand are Mylicon (gas relief), Vicks Baby Rub (cough), Little Noses Saline Drops (stuffy nose), Tylenol Infants' Drop (pain), Motrin Infants Drops (fever), Hyland's Teething Tablets (teething), Colic Tablets (colic), Butt Paste Diaper cream & Neosporin. You may not use some of these items until baby is like 2-3 months, but it's good to have on hand.


answers from Dallas on

Burp rags, baby powder, desitin, something to distract them in case they get upset at a change. Keys always worked best for me. :)
Oh, and you'll need alcohol and cotton balls and a baby washcloth for the first couple of weeks until it's umbilical stump falls off. Congrats!



answers from Dallas on

Diapers, Wipes, Butt Paste, Thermometer (rectal), baby lotion, bulb sucker, saline nasal spray, nail clippers, alcohol pads for belly button care, cotton balls for eye care, baby q-tips, comb, cotton diapers (I used them as burp clothes), wash rags, and a change or two of clothes for those pee accidents during changing time.



answers from Dallas on

Besides the stuff you mentioned, I has the diaper ointment and the nasal aspirator. As your little one gets older, you may need some small toys to hand her/him for distraction purposes as you change the diaper.
Also, for after bath- I always changed my daughter into her clothes on her changing table, so I had lotion and the q tips close by.
Good luck- have lots of fun!



answers from Boise on

Just going through my mind of what is on mine...

waterproof pad (soft, not plastic) - I have a few, or at least receiving blankets, so that if they beat the diaper, or there is a blow out, you just pick it up and throw in the wash without having to change the table.
washcloths (if a boy, necessary for changes, otherwise, multipurpose)
alcohol and swabs (for cord)
diaper cream
neosporin (for all the nail scratches)

I have a little organizer that hangs from the side of mine.



answers from Dallas on

This isn't really a supplies answer (everyone else pretty much covered that), but one thing I learned the hard way. When my first one was able to start sitting up on her own (several months from now), sometimes she would get about half way up and then fall back down. If she scooted during the sit up, she hit her head on the rail of the table. So I bought one of those foam pool noodle things, cut it long enough to cover and cut a slit down the side so it would fit on the rail. The neon color didn't exactly match her decor, but it was cheap and saved some tears.



answers from New York on

In addition to what others already mentioned:
>Box of tissues in reach
>Saline and bulb syringe (can you tell my kids have had a cold recently)
>Baby Powder/Caldesene - Most drs recommend not using powders in the beginning, I like to use this when baby gets a little older after a poop to help get the stink out LOL!
>Small cloth to dry them after you use the wipes so you aren't putting a diaper on a damp bum

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