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Updated on August 17, 2013
K.L. asks from Fort Stewart, GA
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My husband has recently started to get an EXTREMELY itchy scalp during his physical training for work. Once he starts to get sweaty, it starts up. He was complaining to me about it and I bought some anti-dandruff shampoo (even though he has not had any flakes). He has been using it for 2 weeks with no change in itchiness.

Some details: He does not have an itchy scalp any other time of day, only while sweaty during workouts. He does not have any flakes and no lice. His hair is short (buzzed off every 2 weeks). He washes with shampoo but does not use conditioner.

Any experience with this sort of thing? Any shampoos just for itchy scalp but not dandruff? Would conditioner help? I don't know what else to do. Thanks!

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answers from Columbia on

Shampoo for dandruff and shampoo for itchy scalp are not the same thing.

Look for a shampoo for ichy scalp that is made with tea tree oil. That should do it.

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answers from Washington DC on

Apple cider vinegar. After suffering the same for years, come to find out my itchy scalp/dandruff/rosetia was really a FUNGUS! Used about a cup of ACV in the shower - it stung like heck for a few minutes, then rinsed and voila - no more itch!

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answers from Dallas on

Tar shampoo helps. That may be what's in Tegrin, I don't know. But look for something with Tar.



answers from New York on

It's more of a fungus rather than dandruff. Have him use a T-gel shampoo (Nutrogena or the generic). When he showers, tell him to lather up and then keep it in for 3-5 minutes. It will make a WORLD of difference. He should notice in the first day of use.

Essentially, it's the same thing as jock itch or athletes foot. His head sweats and the hair holds in the moisture.

Good luck!!


answers from Norfolk on

His scalp might be over dry and the sweating makes the dry skin itch.

Have him rub a warm mixture of olive oil and honey into his scalp, put on a shower cap, keep a warm towel on his head then after 10 min he can wash it all out.



answers from Chicago on

For regular shampoo, try Head and Shoulders for itchy scalp. I think they make one that's a shampoo/conditioner all in one.

Otherwise I like the Trader Joe's brand Tea Tree Tingle. If it's a fungus, the Tea Tree Tingle will help.

If all else fails, try Nizoral if it's a fungus and the Trader Joes doesn't work. Fungus gets active in places that are hot and damp--like when he's sweaty! It does sound like a fungus to me.



answers from Philadelphia on

Try the T-gel shampoo. It's a bit stinky but it has worked for me. Every once in a while, the back of the lower head would just get really itchy. I first shampooed with regular stuff then used the T-gel shampoo only on the area I needed it. You have to let it sit on the scalp a few minutes and then rinse.



answers from Dallas on

I went to a dermatologist for something similar any type of T-gel or tar based product don't really help with the fungal based itching (which I believe this is if he is using all the dandruff stuff and it isn't helping).

Nizoral - it is a blue shampoo. sometimes hard to comeby, but worth it's weight in head itching CURE. If you can convince him, he should go to the dermatologist for a real diagnosis, but Nizoral is the only product with the active ingredient is has (kerasol?? I think).
for $15 try it:)

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