Is My Daughter Having an Allergic Reaction??

Updated on October 10, 2015
S.T. asks from Erin, TN
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My daughter is nine months old. We have been trying out a lot of new varieties of food. Well recently I have introduced strawberry apple puffs and sweet potato and apple puffs. It seems everytime I give her either she gets bumps on her legs, so I stopped giving them to her & it stopped. Well a few days ago she came down with a fever and I went and got pedialyte (strawberry) and the next morning her side of her face and back were broke out, but after a few hours went away..? My mother thinks she is allergic to apples & strawberries. I've stopped giving her both for now but its hard because she LOVES frozen apples for teething!!

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answers from Dallas on

I would be talking to my pedi about this because you never know if the next reaction will be a severe reaction that would deem it necessary to call 911 if she is not breathing, throat swells, etc.

Certainly get tested because you may need access to an Epi-pen or benedryl quickly. I'd want to know so I could avoid the food causing a reaction.

A lot of children are allergic strawberries. My daughter broke in hives so I never gave her another one. Then one day when she was older... 4 or so.. she started eating strawberries with no reaction and loves them to this day.

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answers from St. Louis on

It sounds like she is allergic to the red dye. I suppose there could be realish strawberries and apples in the puffs but not in pedialyte, that only has the red dye and flavoring.

My son never got hives from the red dye but you could start a countdown to when he would literally start bouncing off the walls.

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answers from Portland on

Strawberries are a known allergen for some young kids. I cared for a child who had profound reactions to them. I'd stop serving them entirely for a while. Then, talk to your pediatrician about carefully reintroducing just one or the other and monitoring reactions... do this with your doctor's guidance, though. Don't just take my word for it-- I"m not a doctor.

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answers from Portland on

Strawberries are a known allergen - usually it's just the flavor that they use in foods like that but that could be enough.

What would concern me here is that your daughter had a fever. There are hives that come from colds, viruses and fevers - hives will last anywhere from 10 mins to a couple of hours. They can come and go while the child is sick.

So before trying to figure out if she has an allergy, just make sure she hasn't picked anything up. Either way, I'd check with your pediatrician rather than trying to figure this out on your own, but you could eliminate strawberries for now as a safe bet.

Good luck :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Strawberry is a common allergen for babies. I'd definitely eliminate that. You said she loves frozen apples for teething - did she break out when you gave them to her previously?

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answers from Boston on

Anything can cause an allergic reaction. I actually wouldn't waste any time on the internet - I'd call the pediatrician to discuss it and learn what to avoid or how to isolate individual foods and only give one at a time. But even so, you don't want a more severe reaction the next time. Don't mess around with this.

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answers from Washington DC on

i don't know what these 'puffs' are but they sound dreadfully artificial.

you're introducing way too many foods, and too quickly. in this case it could be the strawberries, the apples, the sweet potatoes or any number of artificial ingredients including dyes.

back right off, and introduce real foods only, one at a time only. then after a few weeks' break, introduce the frozen apples ONLY and see how it goes.

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answers from Gainesville on

It very well could be that she is sensitive. I would attempt to give her each item separately and wait for a week in between to see if there is a reaction. And undesired reaction could show as diarrhea, hives, rash, and then of course the symptoms of an allergic reaction with more severity.

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answers from Louisville on

Slow down on introducing new foods - do it one at a time and give it a few days so that you'll know if it is a food allergy. Too much too quick will mean more testing for the doc and more cost to you.

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answers from Wausau on

Strawberry is a common food allergy, so I'd stop feeding that. Also check the ingredients on items that are made with multiple things because strawberry juice is used as a natural sweetener. Try to stick with single-ingredient foods for now, one at a time each day, so that you can know for sure which things are causing reactions. Apple allergy is uncommon, so that could be coincidental.

Also let your pediatrician know about the rashes. The fever and the food rash are two separate issues though. She is also sick at the moment.

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answers from New York on

I agree with TF. Talk to the pediatrician and get her tested. If you are seeing a reaction, then she might be allergic. And if she is allergic to strawberries and apples, what will eggs and nuts do to her? Personally, I'd rather find out in a doctor's office where she can be treated for a reaction rather than in my home.

Good luck - and I hope she's just fine!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Allergies don't have fevers. That was something else.

You're supposed to add a new food every week or so in case there's an allergic reaction. Plus she's just 9 months old. Her full complete nutrition should still be coming from her formula. Formula first every time. Then offer her food.

The fat she is gaining is not from being a good eater, it's coming from eating flavored goo that is not nutrition. So she's starving for nutrition and will eat and eat and eat trying go supply her bodies needs for nutrition.

So please give her nutrition, formula first every time until she's nearly a year old then start mixing her formula and regular milk over a several weeks to get her used to regular full Vitamin D milk, not low fat, regular.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest you are giving her too many different foods and processed foods with several ingredients. There is a way to introduce foods. Berries are to not be given before a certain age. Can't remember the age.

One food should be introduced at a time for 1 week. Add a new food to the previously tested food. Gradually she'll have a varied diet. Perhaps you've done this and are just now having rashes with processed foods. If you've introduced foods randomly, the rash could be from anything. If she has food sensitivities, the rash can ocurr after her body has eaten a food several times without difficulty.

I suggest you get medical help now. I've been told that certain foods are not tolerated this young but will be when older. Get a list of safe foods for babies under a year in age.

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answers from Chicago on

not allergic but sensitive to those items, just hold off on those for a few more weeks, then do just plain apples and see if that is an issue, real ones, not puffs or pedilyte
strawberries is one of the 5 most allergy inducing foods, so avoid that for a month or two at least
and btw pedialyte is for if they were vomiting or having diarrhea, not just for fevers, it has a lot of artificial stuff in in that is not needed by an infant

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answers from Springfield on

take your child to the pedi. an allergic reaction can silently get worse untill its an emergency.

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answers from Beaumont on

I would have her allergy tested and eliminate the guessing. Good knowledge to have, especially when she starts school.

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