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Updated on June 25, 2009
F.R. asks from Chesapeake, VA
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Hi moms!
so... I have always been on the small side, physically. I am 29 and a mom of 4. Pregnancy and the post pregnancy feedings have done nothing but destroy what little I had to work with. I've got some national geographic thing going on now... only I'm pale white to add to the horror of it all. ;o) My husband doesn't mind at all, so acceptance isn't the issue. I have a huge problem finding bras, bathing suits and clothing that fits right or flatters my figure. After having 4 kids, you kind of get a little belly pooch. It would not stand out in any way if I had more curves at the top to balance it out.
I have wanted augmentation for the past 14-15 years and never had a solid plan, but knew that I wanted to wait until after my child bearing stage was complete. Last October I had a hysterectomy, so that phase is gone for good. Now I'm more seriously considering getting things fixed... for myself. And I want to, at least once in a my life, be able to wear a strapless top!
I wanted to hear some experiences and advice on where to start... how much money should I be looking to spend. *do not plan to get anything huge, just something that flatters my figure and looks natural* As well as any suggestions you may think I should consider.
Please don't give me the inner beauty speeches... I have that already! Just looking to enhance the outter part to match :o)
Thanks ladies!!!

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answers from Miami on


Hi there! Well I have done the surgeries. I have had the breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. After three boys, as you are very much aware things can tend to go south. Well all the excercising in the world didn't help with certain things. Well I have an absolutely amazing surgeron and he didn't let me go any bigger or do anything that I didn't need to do. As far as the inner beauty thing. It isn't about that at all. You can be beautiful inside and out but if you don't feel good about the way you look then you aren't happy, that is where I was. So I wanted to do something about it and I did. I am so happy that I did. I do not regret for one minute the decision that I made. I am very happy with my surgeries and the confidence that I have to wear certain things now. I say if it is something you want go for it.

If you need a recommendation for a surgeon I can recommend one to you that is amazing. He is in Hollywood, FL and you won't be sorry.

Good luck in whatever decision you make.


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answers from Boca Raton on

Hi F.- I just wanted to say thank you for the laugh. Every time I take my shirt off my husband sings the theme to Nat Geo as a joke. I have been thinking of doing it too. Thanks to all the ladies that offered info and advice. Let us know who you choose and how it turns out. Much luck to you and enjoy your new look. After 4 kids, you deserve it!!

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answers from Orlando on

I hear you girl :> I have 4 kids also and have considered it as well. No advice on the surgery, but I have just started doing exercises. My mom did them before and I remember seeing her breasts when I was a teenager and being shocked at mother natures cruelty but she started doing excercises and they helped ALOT!

Check out this website as this personal trainer has videos showing how to some key exercises or you can invest in a personal trainer at a gym to get you started on a routine.

I have been hesitant to do the surgery because you hear of the cases that go oh so wrong and I don't want things to go from bad to worse. I am going to try my best with the exercises first. I know it can work. Have you ever seen the difference between a pigeon chested guy and then when he works out and has nice round firm chest. That is all muscle and is just as possible for a woman to develop that muscle and puff it up as it is for a man. Plus I think working out makes you look and feel all over more strong and sexy.

Good luck to you whatever you decide!


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answers from Tallahassee on

Hey F. - Just want to give you my experiences. I was also a Military spouse - see what they will pay for - if it is medical - yest it can be they can cover some things.

Research to the max. I know more "After" the fact info than I did before the surgery. Let me tell you this first, I had a reduction - I know it is the opposite to your issue but surgery is surgery in that place OK. Consider your pain tolerance, consider your skin type and consider the possible dangers. Even with all the problems I had - I still would have the surgery TOMORROW! It changed my life.

I know that scarring will be MUCH less for your surgery but they still have to cut you somewhere so choose wisely. I have hardly any feeling in my right breast, lefty is great though. Mamograms - are harder to do and to get good results after breast surgery, bear in mind that they hurt but with larger breasts there is MORE to squash! You are blessed with your husband being so cool with your body, is he prepared for the extra attention you will be getting? My husband was not "really" happy with my choice in the end.

Do you have a daughter that is old enough to understand the whole thing? If so, please make sure that she doesn't think bady about body image. I worry about that with my 12 year old - ALREADY!!

I say go for it - I loved mine - It has been 7 years for me and I have gained weight in that time so they are a little bigger than I would have liked but I still don't regret it.

Good luck

M. F



answers from Jacksonville on

I had breast augmentation 4 years ago and am so happy I did! I love it and boy does my husband!!! Even after 4 years when he gets a glance of them he looks like a teenage boy seeing boobs for the firts time. It is really funny.

I went with a larger bag less full for a more natural look. I have friends who did silicone and are very happy, but I chose saline under the muscle. I paid $4000 with Dr. Spillert. I saw a few doctors, but chose the doctor I knew people who used him and were happy. He has been doing them for like 20 years.

As far as what to expect - the first 3 days are the worst. You cannot breathe well and cannot do much with your arms. I chose to not take the pain meds and have recommended to friends to take them and feel "out of it" for the first 2 days to let everything heal. It feels like a car or an elephant is sitting on your chest!!! I was home alone and couldn't pull the refrigerator door open!!! I slept sitting up for a few days with frozen peas on my chest. After those 3 days, it was much easier and it healed very fast. I lost sensation in one nipple, but it came back after 6 months.

I'll be going back for a tummy tuck (much needed after my twins!!!) and a lift (the twin pregnancy made them less firm) someday soon .... :) Go for it and start looking for those strapless tops. Make sure they fit the "after" size and not "before" like you are today. :) Good luck!!!



answers from Jacksonville on

Hi F..

I just had breast augmentation on February 13th. I started by going on consultations. Some cost $100, others cost nothing. I went to Dr. Spillart over near JTB and Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery Center, and another that I'm drawing a blank on now.

I went with Dr. Rumsey at Ponte Vedra but I'd suggest Dr. Scocia or something like that. We paid about $5,000. They do have payment plans - some offer a year but Dr. Rumseys office only offers the 3 month plan, so it went on the credit card. I can say that when you are trying on fake ones under your clothes - you feel like you're huge but really you're not. When my husband went with me I was already set on 300 cc's, but he talked me into 400 and I look very normal and not fake at all and I'm very glad he pushed me to go bigger. I'm not unporpotioned at all. Also, MOST Doctors won't let you go too big and will let you know what would be. I can say stay away from Dr. Clayman - although he is cheaper and a boobie factory - I've heard scary stories about him. He's not board certified either - so I hear. Be prepared to not do anything for 3 days. I couldn't even open my medicine bottle by myself. Let alone pour a glass of water. Dr. Rumsey wanted me to do Silicone above the muscle - but my husband and I chose Saline (safer) under the muscle. More painful that way (under) but that's what we wanted. They tell you silicone is safe now - but they also need to be redone every 10-15 years - something I didn't want to have to do again. The pain was crazy but only for 3 days. You stay pretty medicated anyway - and I suggest staying in your recliner for those 3 days. Very hard to get up - you have to rock yourself up. Also, they make you get up to walk around every hour for the chance of blood clotting - do it!! Drink tons of fluids and take your meds. I had a problem with the Percocet and was unable to pee - he told me to just go to Tylenol but instead I just went to one Darvocet. Get a really good support bra for after you take off the one they give you. I'm still wearing them and haven't gotten a bra yet.

I can say they are beautiful BUT I've lost the feeling of my nipples. Not all women do but I am one of the percentage that did. They say it may come back and I'm still hoping. So, they are beautiful but I've lost that wonderful sensation I used to have. I also experienced hyper sensitivity - where I can't even stand washing my nipple area let alone have my husband touch them yet. He can touch the outside but not that other area yet. He feels bummed about this - but that's what we get defying God and all. ;)

Not all women are the same. You may need a lift first depending on how much sagging you have. That may or may not cost more.

My overall experience was Ok. I'm happy I have them because they are so pretty, I can wear bathing suits and stuff but sleeping is still different. You MUST sleep on your back for like 3 months and me being a side sleeper - that was hard. They still hurt to touch - and they said it would stop after 3-4 months - but it hasn't. BUT, like I said, all women are different and some (like girlfriends I know) have had great experiences. More woman have them than not now. Ask your girlfriends - I had more advice on who to use, it was crazy. Go to consultations - see who you like for yourself. I chose Ponte Vedra because they haven't had any serious injury/deaths in over 15 or so years.

Good luck and w/b anytime with questions. Be prepared to DO NOTHING. Your husband really needs to step up for this - since it's for the both of you. He may say he doesn't care and loves you for who you are - which I'm sure he does. BUT he'll be overjoyed once you do have them!! Like all the husbands/boyfriends out there! It seems that's the natural look now-a-days because everywhere you look - they all look like implants.

Remember also when trying on the different sizes, that under your clothes in your bra they will look huge - but once under your muscle - they look much smaller. I'm not a showy kind of lady and still feel awkward in my bathing suit - to me they are huge but really, they fit me perfectly. It's just getting used to them that takes awhile. GOOD LUCK AND GO FOR IT!! - they have photo galleries as well.



answers from Pensacola on

Go for it. As women we are never satisfied with our bodies as the saying goes. only you know what will make you happy it is your body and no one elses. what a sweet hubby you have.
I feel that you should consider the risks and educate yourself on it.

Good luck!!




answers from Jacksonville on

Hello F.,

You mentioned you are a military wife. If your spouse is stationed in Jacksonville you may be able to get it done free as "reconstructive surgery". The doctors need the practice, so they do a certain # of surgeries a year including augmentation, tummy tucks, face lifts, etc...



answers from Gainesville on

The biggest thing is research, research, research! Learn about the procedures you are interested in, educate yourself well before you ever set foot in a docs office. Then start looking for docs. Visit a minimum of 3. Listen to their opinions, how they would do the surgeries and why they want to do they that way. That way based on what you have learned via your research what makes the most sense to you and what direction you want to go in. As far as price, it's not cheap and you'll probably want to avoid the docs touting bargin prices. Also, ask around for recommendations/friends/acquaintances that have had good results.



answers from Miami on

Hi F.,

YIPPIE! I had your very same problem, empty socks come to mind? Well I had my surgery almost 9 years ago and since I have had more kids, so I am on the plastic surgery bandwagon when the one in my belly is out! Here are some things you should be aware of: The doctor's fee and hospital/facility fee and anethesia are all usually seperate unless otherwise stated. Make sure the cost of the implants are included (typically they are but just in case) Plan to spend about $10K out of pocket (for Augmentation and Abdominoplasty). You probably need to get medical clearance that MIGHT get covered by insurance if it's lumped together with your annual exam, otherwise that's another out of pocket expense. It is VERY easy to gain weight after augmentation surgery and many women and I would venture to say most, want a conservative look and end up wanting bigger enhancements AFTER the surgery. Go with silicone, despite the hype, they are VERY safe. Most mastectomy patients actually have silicone.

I was a business manager for a few years for 2 well known plastic surgeons, so I have a little more inside info if you's like to email me privately :)

Good luck!



answers from Orlando on

All I would like to say is do whatever will make you happy! There are so many options out there regarding enhancement surgery that I am sure you will find something that will suit your needs. Good luck!



answers from Miami on

i just did it 3 weeks ago for similar reasons and am sooooooo happy!!!! do it!!!! the best advice i can give you as far as size is to find a picture that you want to duplicate, don't go by cc's. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my doctor and interviewed 3 others before choosing. Dr. Leonard Roudner ###-###-####
good luck!!!
oh, expect to pay b/w $5000 & $7000



answers from Boca Raton on

Dr Patrick Graham ###-###-#### in Boca Raton. I am very happy and so are many others and an added bonus he just switched his private practice to be added with the Strax Rejuvenation company so now it is even cheaper!! I used him about 6 years ago, everything is done in the office in his surgery suite. He has been doing this for like 30 years. Good Luck. LisaM- I am more than happy to give you more details.



answers from Miami on

Hi F.,
I completely understand you, believe me. I'm also 29 yrs old and I've always been very petite (105-107lbs-& 5'3"). I had breast augmentation 5 yrs ago, 1 month after dating my husband. I decided to go natural- being my figure sooo petitte. My experience was amazing and so were my boobs. I would highly recommend it, you will definatly feel a lot better about yourself and your hubby will enjoy them too (LOL :)). I paid $5,000, but now, I beleive they are from $2,500 - $5,000. Important Tip: Look at Dr's credentials. Good Luck and hope all works out.



answers from Miami on

Hi F.,

I am also considering surgery, tummy tuck and breast implants. I have a friend who had her breasts done last year and she is very happy with her results. I also posted on this site for advice and I got a lot of support. To date, I'm still in the research stage, collecting as much info as possible. On the flip side, it is costly and it's not something our family can afford right now, as I do not work and other bills need to be paid down first. I work out 6 days a week and have been for 2 years and there is only so much exercise you can do with your chest. Unless you are totally flat chested, you will not "puff out" like one poster suggests. Yes, you can develop the muscles and make them firmer but the skin will still sag, no matter how many push ups, pull ups, and weights you lift. I agree with researching. Here is a website I was referred to: There is a ton of information available right there on that site. Good luck and best wishes.



answers from New York on

oh my god...i have no experience with this but just wanted to tell you i loved your post. GO FOR IT. seek recommendations, make sure they're board certified ask for feedback from previous patients, and afterwards, go enjoy a strapless top!!!!
...loved it!!!!

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