Ideas for Four Year Old Party for My Daughter in Miami...

Updated on August 03, 2008
M.M. asks from Key Biscayne, FL
4 answers

Anyone recommend ideas/entertainers/locations to have a party for a girl turning four?
Appreciate it, as I recently moved to Miami, not sure what is good/bad... thanks. Not interested in Jungle Gym or My gym, something more unique, mostly for girls... Thanks!

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I was wondering where you teach yoga? I have been looking for a class. i to am into empowering woman.
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Places to consider are:

Cool du Sac located at the Sunset Shops in S. Miami. This is a great cafe for moms and great indoor place for 4 year olds to play in.

You can also check out Libby Lu store at the Dolphin Mall. Its a store where they sell makeup, dress up stuff etc..for little girls. You can pay for them to give the girls a make over and they will put on a little show for the moms. The girls loove it!

Hope this helps!!



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OK. I just went to your website and see that bellydance is a part of what you do regularly SO my suggestion is probably not so innovative! Some other ideas.... 1)a teddy bear picnic-each girl brings her stuffed animal and gets to prepare lunch for the picnic, 2)tea party- kids make finger sandwiches, cookies and lemonade then have a tea party, 3) make rain sticks and/or drums then have a jam session. Just thinking out loud!

I don't know if this appeals to your daughter but how about an all-girl bellydance party? The room could be decorated with a morrocan/arabian theme (pillows, veils, etc.) Someone could do some mehndi on the girls' hands or feet and then there could be a mini bellydance class to teach basic moves and each girl would get a little coin hip scarf as her party favor. Just some thoughts I had. I have two boys and never got the chance to have a girly birthday party theme!!



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I own a party rental business here in Miami with bounce houses,clowns, facepainters, ponies etc.

It really depends on what idea you have for your daughter's birthday. Do you want something indoors, outdoors in a park or even a waterpark or something girlie?

Give me a call..###-###-#### whether you use my services or not I would love to give you ideas.


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