I Need Someone Who Can Sew!!

Updated on November 04, 2010
B.F. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I want to re-do my baby's room at our new house and I want to do a Paris theme. I am looking for someone who can make the comforter, bedskirt, a few pillows, and the curtains. I have bought the fabric and have an idea mapped out--I just need someone who can make it happen! The sewing would be quite easy--nothing over-the-top.
Anybody know someone who will help me for a REASONABLE price?

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answers from Dallas on

I do custom bedding. I would love to help. I have a store Called Joli Petite Boutique. Please give me a call if you are interested. ###-###-#### Thanks. P.. : )

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answers from Dallas on

I have a sewing machine and I do sewing as a hobby. I have three kids,7,8 and 9. I would love to help. Please let me know how much work you have and what kind of material you have. I do not think my sewing machine can do heavy material. It is just a Brother.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Our old babysitter and a friend of mine does wonders. She is located in The Colony and only asks for direction on what you are wanting and fabric. She is really reasonable too and does a TON of stuff. She is still working on her web page but I can give you her contact information if you would like. My e-mail is ____@____.com.



answers from Tulsa on

Congratulations on the new baby. I am expecting my 2nd child this December & am going through the same search you are as far as finding the theme that I want for his room.
My first question to you is, have you ever sewn? I am asking becasue you make the comment "the sewing should be quite easy". Most seamstresses will need to see your plan/overall look for the room & price it out from there. I am a Fashion Designer by trade & do lots of home sewing. From my own personal experience I know that sewing a babys room emsamble is no easy task & ultimatley will be far cheaper to purchase the theme you are looking for online. Most bedding groups run from $250 - upwords over $1000. Obviously depending on where you shop & what you are looking for.
You stated you purchased the fabric, but there is much more than just fabric that goes into the bedding & accessories alone. The thread, cording, piping, notions, ribbons,etc...
I am not trying to discourage you but just wanted to let you know that you will get what you pay for. If someone offers to do it for you about $100 I would be very leary of their sewing skills unless it is a family friend or someone doing you a favor. The time it will take to make it is another issue. I charge by the hour & provide an estimate for how long it will take. Plus require reimbursement for time traveled to go get any sewing nessesities as well as the sewing neccesities themselves. Ultimately, you would be spending over $500.00 on the lesser side.
If you are still interested then send me an email & I would be happy to take a look.
Best Wishes & congrats again,



answers from Los Angeles on

hi Iam M. Gomez,I am a seamstress and fashion designer,I have a homebased sewing bussiness and it has been open to the public since 2007,my prices are reasonable please email me at ____@____.com if still in need for my services and I make over the mail bussinesses



answers from Dallas on

I have a great seamstress for you! I'm actually working with her on a couple of projects. She is in the Grapevine/Southlake area and reasonably priced.

Her name is Dina Kutch.

Let me know if you decide to contact her.

Your room theme sounds fun!



answers from Dallas on

I have a girlfriend who is a seamstress. I've never used her but I'm sure she'd be great and very easy to work with. Her website is www.alterationsandmorebydina.com.

You can go to her site and see some of her pricing information and pictures of her work.
Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

ahahahaaaaa...i was reading this thinking this sounds like B....:)



answers from Dallas on

Hi B.,

My name is D. Kutch. I was referred to you in the first two responses listed on this page. I think that you should discuss your project in person with someone who sews before you make a decision about buying pre-made bedding. You most likely will not be able to find the theme you are looking for at a reasonable price. If you have the fabric and know what you are looking for, the job is half done. There are, of course, other things to consider as mentioned in another response, but some of these things are very inexpensive and you don't have to use cording. Your project may not require it. The cost will depend on the complexity of the bedding. I too, usually estimate my jobs based on the amount of time that I think it will take, but I also try to consider what someone would be willing to pay and adjust accordingly to give them what they want. I got into this business to stay at home with my baby and I have another one the way. This is a fun job that I truly enjoy.
Please give me a call if you have not found someone to handle your project.

D. K

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