I Need a Good Foot Cream!

Updated on August 25, 2008
S.S. asks from Troy, MI
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I hate to even talk about it but my feet are worse than ever! They are rough, dry calused, and heals have deep lines. I never thought my feet would look like this. They have always been nice.
Can you recommend an exfolient or foot soak or somthing????
I have a pumice stone (doesn't work too well). I also have a calus remover blade to scrape off dead skin (does well but can't do the whole foot), I also bought Heal Rescue Foot Cream (a waste of $$).
Any great solutions that don't take lots of time?

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I use Burts Bees coconut foot creme. I love it. It's not too expensive and can be found in many stores (meijer, rite aid, walgreens and even best buy!, and many more), They have a website too (burtsbees.com). It's very effective very quickly. You can get the Burt's Bees foot care kit, I picked one up in best buy for $12.99. It comes with a pumice, 4.34oz of creme and a pair of coton socks. You don't need an awful lot of the creme. After your shower or bath you rub your feet with the pumice, apply the coconut creme and put the socks on and wear them overnight. It does feel a little funny at first wearing socks to bed but you'll notice the difference immediately, I did! My friend bought it for me and I love it! All their products are made of natural ingredients and are Earth friendly products too.


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If you can get your hands on some unprocessed shea butter (normally found at health food stores), try that. After taking a shower, exfoliate as much rough skin as you can, then rub shea butter all over your feet, put on some thick socks, and go to bed. The retained heat from the socks will help the shea butter penetrate and soften and heal your skin. Do that every night and you should begin to see results in a week or so.

Did you know that you should replace your pumice stone every couple of months? Fungus can build up in the microscopic cracks in the stone, and dead skin cells can accumulate in the cracks and pits of the stone, rendering it ineffective. Have you tried a Ped Egg (as seen on TV)? I hear they work really well and I've seen them at Wal-Mart. You can find unprocessed shea butter at the Natural Food Patch on 9 Mile (one block west of Wodoward on the south side of the street) in Ferndale. You can get a pound of it for 7 bucks, I think. It'll last a long time, too. You can use it all over your body and in your hair as a hot oil treatment. Don't be surprised by the appearance of the shea butter - it's solid when you get it, but you can warm it in the palm of your hand by rubbing your hands together and it will melt. You can also warm it on the stove (over very low heat or else it will burn).

Best of luck to you!



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For Christmas my husband bought me some nail files that are way to coarse for my nails, I file mt heels with them and they work great. After fiing I put on some thick lotion with a pair of footies, I sometimes wear the footies and lotion to bed. It seems to keep the presentable.



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FYI if it is really bad it can be a foot fungus. If nothing else works try atheletes foot cream. They will be back to normal in no time.

A natural solution is to soak in unfilter apple cidar vinegar for a few weeks.

Good Luck



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I feel your pain. I too have issues with my heels being dry and cracking. What I've found that works best is simply ...Vaseline. I know this sounds crazy but I've tried everything out there and have found that this works better than anything else I've purchased.

Give yourself a good pedicure every couple of weeks (I do this at home) and be sure to put moisturizer on after your bath (a good thick one - I like Moisture Therapy from Avon) then at bedtime put gobs of vaseline on your feet and cover them with cotton socks. It seems to help the moisture soak in overnight.

If you have a painful crack in your heel close it up with superglue. I know it sounds strange but it keeps the rough area from poking into your tender skin beneath and allows it to heal.

Maintain smoother heels by keeping a pumice, sander, etc in the shower. Just give them a good scrub as the last thing you do before getting out.

I really like the scrubbers that are metal on one side and a smoother on the opposite. You can purchase them at Walmart for just a couple of dollars. :)

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