Hyperactive Child

Updated on February 17, 2009
J.S. asks from Wesley Chapel, FL
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I have a 5 yr old that is very hyperactive. I watch what he eats and try to make sure he gets plenty of play time outside everyday. Does anyone have experiences to share that might lead me to helping my child further?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for everyone's response. I do keep him away from sugar as much as possible. I limit anything with unnatural color in it. His main staple is cheese, apples, peanutbutter. I made the mistake of buying HC. Oh Help! One glass of that and I had to get a ladder to get him off of the ceiling. Needless to say - that will not be on my shopping list.
He does get vitamins because I can't seem to force anything green into him.
I'll win sooner or later. Thank you again for your responses.

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answers from Lakeland on

Are you keepong away all sugars and all products which contain any form of sugar?



answers from Fort Myers on

You mentioned diet, but that could mean a lot of things. Have you tried or considered a completely gluten free and dairy free diet? The next step could be to completely remove processed foods and if those things don't work, many people have had great success with raw food diets with children with behavior issues. If you are interested, there is a book that describes how to make the transition with your child and the author also shares her own experiences with her son. I can't remember the title and I gave it to a friend, but e-mail me if you are interested.

I notice extreme behavior changes in my children when they consume processed foods, etc. Even though they are not allergic to anything.

, mother or a 6.5 year old and almost 4 year old.



answers from Fort Myers on

my son is also hyperactive. We try to make him spend some "alone, quite time" in his room. We make sure that he knows that hes NOT IN TROUBLE... and this is NOT TIME OUT! its just Damion time. Hes really into cars, so we tell him that his "motor" needs to cool off, and in order to do that, he needs to spend some quite time in his room. I have also tried watching what he eats, playing out side, even tried doing the V-Tech game system just to see if he could SIT STILL. NOPE! I use his "Damion time" to chill MYSELF out! ;-) good luck! and HEY if you get any good ideas... pass them my way!!!!!!! ;-)



answers from Tampa on

I have two girls 7&8, I was having a hard time w/them,hyper,not focused,I did some research and I found that food additives and dye were a big problem and not regulated.I staarted feeding the girls all natural,and organic,and it changed them,they are focused,I can even read their hand writing,I noticed a difference in about a week,I even got organic milk(reg.milk was like a slice of cake)there is a kid safe chemical act you can look into,I read,why your child is hyperactive by Dr.Ben F. Feingold
just something to look into.
Good Luck!



answers from Sarasota on

I don't know what other responses you have gotten if any yet, but my son also seemed to be abit hyper all the time...
someone mentioned to my husband about certain color dyes (ie: reds, yellows, blues etc.) and the preservative BHT, causes hyperactivity in children... we tried removing it with my son, kept him away from these dyes, and the BHT, it tremendously helped him calm down.
downside of this is these dyes and the preservative are in quite abit of processed ready to eat foods, (ie: cereal bars, as well as colored cereal like fruit loops etc. fruit snacks and so on) and its sometimes difficult to find food without them, but if you read the ingredients closely and try to stick to non-color foods and you'll be able to find some...
the BHT preservative is a little more forgiving and you can give to your child if it is listed near the bottom of the ingredients list. when that far down in the list it's not as great of a quanity as it would be if it's near the top!

like I said monitoring my sons intake of these dyes and the BHT has done wonders for my son, good luck with it and your child! :)



answers from Tampa on

Check to see what is in the food he eats & the drinks. Look for red dye #40. It causes alot of hyper behavior that he cant control. My son when he was little couldnt have anything with red dye init or he would literally climb the walls. Good luck



answers from Tampa on

I know you have had alot of responses, but I have two new angles to think about: 1. Is he getting enough sleep? Sometimes too little sleep causes increased hyperness. 2. Have you researched allergies, seasonal or food? If so, what kinds of meds is he taking? If not, it's ironic, but that may be a contributor

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