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Help with Positive Activities

One of the kids is Hyperactive, and can be and has been a struggle for me to .... I know that helps some Hyper Active kids a lot. If you have something like ...

Short Attention Span

What are you wanting to do about the hyperactivity? He is 5 - 5 year olds have a lot of energy .... Just Informed My Son Is "Hyperactive" or "High Energy" ...

Strattera or Adderal

We tried Concerta, Strattera and Adderall and Adderal ended up working for my son, who is not hyperactive. He does very well on it. ...

How to Deal with Son Who May Have ADHD

I have found the BookAllergies & the HyperActive Child by Doris J Rapp MD at Amazon and you can google her. If you want to know the products I used send me ...

My 4 Year Old Son Can't Focus

Coffee seems to have the adverse reaction for someone who is hyperactive and .... I'm a single mom of a hyperactive 3 year old, and she's a bundle of fun, ...


But please note - I cannot stand that this term or diagnosis is so overused in children just because they may be energetic or a little hyperactive. ...

Advise on ADHD?

My 9 year old is hyperactive, I won't lie, but He has the ability to focus if he wants. Like he plays hockey and he can stand in a net for almost a hour and ...

Water Pills

I did and found out that after my last pregnancy I developed Hyperactive ... Many people who have hyperactive thyroid usually loose the weight for some like ...

Grades, Classwork and Homework in General - 7Th Grade

Just so you know not all ADD is hyperactive. There are different variations ( types) of ADD. After my girls were diagnosed and put on the correct medications ...

Son - Scores Very High on IQ, but Can't Concentrate at School

The man at the time told me that he was gifted, but that he couldn't sit still during the testing, so that he was probably hyperactive as well. ...
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