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Updated on November 13, 2007
B.H. asks from Burnsville, MN
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Ok a week ago my daughter(6) was rollerskating with her Brownie Troop. Fell and hurt her arm. Was ok til nighttime and was moaning and crying in her sleep. Called our doctor office(ParkNicollet) who said they don't touch things like that to go to TRIA a orthopedic/sports/office or Urgent Care. We went to TRIA and got a horrible doctor who was snippy and mean. Said her arm wasn't broke but probaly hairline fracture this or that but that stuff doesn't show up in a xray. Sent us home like that. I went to walgreens and picked up a wrist brace just to keep her arm stabalized, and protect it. Doctor said if it's not better in a week come back.

She hurt her forearm, not wrist, not elbow.

Well last night(exactly 1 week later) her arm was in pain again, and very very swollen. I call Park Nicollet and again no doctors want to see us but send us to a specialist. I tell her I really wasn't thrilled with the last doctor at TRIA would like to go somewhere else. So I decided whatever and took her to the E.R. where we saw a pediatric E.R. doctor who was totally better. She was shocked the first guy didn't splint my daughter's arm, and how rude he was to us. Said it wasn't broke but that a million things could be wrong with her arm that don't show up in xrays.She stressed when dealing with children it's a whole new ball game and things are different. She put my daughter in a sling and referred us to another orthopedic doctor for this Friday.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has dealt with anything like this? I'm new to injured kids and what to do. Am I wasting my time dragging my kid to another doctor? I know kids are super resilant and heal fast. This is odd for my daughter to be in pain a week later and swelled up. She's usully a pretty tough trooper. What could she have done to her arm? Any advise I'm lost at what to do. All I know is she is still in pain and it's swollen a week later. She's missed alot of school over this already and I want my daughter fixed or back to normal.

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So What Happened?

We had gone in to the 2nd ortho doctor. He moved her arm around alot and asked alot of questions. But no further xrays, mri or anything was done. He told us to take her arm out of the sling because it was get stiff and create more problems. We did that and she is just fine now. I still think something was wrong and it wasn't just a bruise or sprain. She whined about it for 2 weeks straight. Cried in her sleep. If there's ever a Next time, I'm going to find a pediatric ortho doctor. The 2 ortho docs we saw just weren't real good with her, the first one was horrible and the second one was ok and ok isn't ok with me. Atleast my daughter is back to life and not whining about it.

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okay, so I'm a medical assistant but I won't give advice that I feel is just my opinion! You need to follow-up with the doctor on Friday and go with your gut!!! Ice her arm with something over it to protect her skin...10 min. on, 10 min. off...repeat until some of the swelling goes down...give her some Tylenol for the pain.......My daughter had a fractured growth plate ih her shoulder that didn't show up very well on x-ray but I knew it was broke so I pestered her doctor and we got into was def. fractured and she just needed so rest and Tylenol. Demand another x-ray if you have to just to be sure...remember, you're in control not the doctor. We are their for their advice...if it wasn't for us they wouldn't have a job!!...........Hope that helps, N. ;)

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Trust your gut. If your daughter's arm is still hurting, you need to see the other Dr. on Friday. I have enough experience with Dr.'s and medicine to know that there are a ton of Dr.'s out there who don't give a darn about you or your kid. They miss things all the time and if you got someone who was rude and didn't help you, you need to go to someone else and report back to whoever supervises that Dr. about the treatment you received. We tend to think that Dr.'s are there to help us and that they know everything, but some of them don't do a good job. Sometimes if you've done a lot of research, you know more than they do. This isn't every Dr. and I'm not anti Dr. or anything, we just tend to trust all of them and they don't all deserve it. The top priority is to help your daughter, so go to someone who can and actually will do that.
That's my two cents. Good for you for bringing her back in.



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p.s. you are not the first person I know who has has a bad experience at Tria.



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I would go back to TRIA, just not the urgent care. Make and appointment with another Dr there. I have been going there for a year, and had 2 surgeries there, Dr. Husband is great, but he is a hand specialist so I don't know if he would see Bryana. But I know there are some great people there, I have seen them. I would not recommend Dr Bohn, go to their website and look at their experience... I saw Dr Bohn first, didn't like her, did some research and chose Dr Husband, then I found out a girl I work with saw him 2 years ago and loved him too. He is the best they have for hands. If you do the research, I am sure you can find a good Dr for what you need too. I really like TRIA though, I will never go anywhere else for an orthopaedist.

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