How to Clean Urine from Leather Couch

Updated on March 03, 2013
J.P. asks from Yukon, OK
6 answers

My daughter is potty training and she went pee pee on our leather couch. Anyone know how to get the couch clean. I've just used a damp cloth. I don't have any pets so we don't have any pet cleaners in the house. Any advise would be most helpful! Thank you so much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice. I tried the vinegar and it really seemed to work. As soon as the incident happened I took the padding out of the cushion so that it would soak through that. Then I wiped down the couch with a wet cloth and then after you advice, wiped it down with vinegar. Then I laid the cushion outside for a little bit to dry. Now there is no visible spot on the cushion and there is not lingering smell. Seems to have worked. Thanks again!

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answers from Little Rock on

You might want to try using plain vinegar to wipe the leather down and then rinse with clear water. You can use vinegar for a lot of uses. I hope this works for you.



answers from Fort Myers on

I found out a new way to get the smell out: febreze,water,and soap.



answers from Fayetteville on

I don't know about urine-did it leave a spot on the couch or is it just the smell you are concerned with. I researched cleaning leather last winter when the whole family got sick and just couldn't seem to stay well and mostly what I saw was using a mixture of water and vinegar-the vinegar will sanitize it anyway, that's what I used, just a rag and water and vinegar-it's worth a try and cheap!



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The only thing I can think is to go get some pet cleaner and use it, and keep some around the house while you are potty training her! You can get it at WalMart or Target--anywhere, really, but it would be cheapest at WalMart. Good Luck!!



answers from Tuscaloosa on

we have a leather couch our 3 children have peed vomit dog played on it ! its easy gets some Lysol water rag and wipe clean let air dry Leather is tha' best thing to have with young kids and dogs around have fun and enjoy K.



answers from Tulsa on

Hi J.,
I usually use water and vinegar to clean urine, but I don't know if you can do that on a leather couch. The vinegar neutralizes the ammonia in the urine and takes the smell away. We use this on our carpet if one of our dogs has an accident.
Good luck!

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