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Patio Cushions

May 27, 2009 ... I thought I'd check here before I venture to trying to clean them with whatever ... Fabric protector spray (Scotch Guard was used on-air) ...

Air-conditioned Location for 1St Birthday Party in San Fernando Valley

It was clean, air-conditioned and the kids seemed to have a great time. I don't know about the pricing though, so you gotta check it out! Good luck. =) ...

Air Purifiers for Airborne Allergies

No air purifier alone will clean the air. Nor should it be the first thing you try. Based on increasing concern about exposure to even small amounts of ...

I Have Got to Figure Out How to Clean This Before My Husband Comes Home!

Can I clean this? Also, can I clean the carpet pad, it soaked through to that! ... Letting it air dry makes it smell funky,like mold. ...

Best Way to Clean Sneakers?

If they're leather, you need to clean them with a sponge. .... But if you air dry--I'd recommend stuffing the toes w/paper towels til dry. ...

Washing Seat Cushions?

Reshape and press flat while wet and then air dry. ... I even wash and dry stuffed animals (how else to get really clean and eliminate dust mites?). ...

Humidifier/Air Purifier Recommendations Please!

Read all 7 responses: "Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Humidifier/air purifier ... so you'll probably need a humidifier for summer but clean it every day or ...

Mildew Smell Coming from Vent

I put a half a cup of solumel next to the vent ( inside where noone sees it)- it keeps the pollutants out, smells fresh, and keeps the air around clean. ...

Cleaning / Deodorizing Pack N Play

Make sure whatever you use, you let it air out and dry for at least a week or so before using it. I would definitely not dry-clean unless you are using a ...

How Do You Clean Baseball Caps???

they have special hat cages you can buy to clean them in either the dishwasher or washer. ... Other then that just wash it in the sink and let it air dry. ...
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