How to Clean a Flat Surface Stove Top?

Updated on July 03, 2007
L.W. asks from Denton, TX
4 answers

We just bought a new house and we have one of those flat top cook surfaces for the first time and I have no idea how to clean it. We had a milk spill over which burnt on the surface and we CANNOT get it clean no matter what we do. We even bought a special cleaner at Home Depot which did not work. Any suggestions on how to clean it would be much appreciated.

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We use Cerama Bright and this special little scrubber thing that came with it - I use that on my major weekly cleanings. I also will go over it with Clorox wipe, then remove the streaks with a paper towel on my nightly cleanings.



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In our last house we had one that came with a blade to scrape it much like a razor blade. We bought it at Sears, and it was a blessing. I had some cleaner (sorry don't remember what it was) we poured it on and scraped it off. Never damaged the top.

I have a gas cooktop now, and although I like gas much better, I miss how easy my old one was to clean!



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I've had a flat top stove for the last five years and for the super bad stuff like you're describing, I use AJAX and a wet cloth. Wet the area really good and then sprinkle the ajax and let it sit a few minutes and then go back and work it off. It has never scratched my stove, it looks as perfect as the day it was new.



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Try Cerama Bryte (sp?) I believe my parents bought it at Lowe's.
They have a flat surface stove and it works great.

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