How Much to Pay for a Babysitter

Updated on March 27, 2011
R.B. asks from Aurora, IL
11 answers

I have two chidlren a 2 yr old and a new baby. How much do I pay for a babysitter to come to my home a couple days a week?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

In my neighborhood it's $1/hr per child. I asked around and everyone in my neighborhood agreed. That's for hiring a teenager by the way.

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answers from Chicago on

My sitter watches my two kids (also a baby and a two year old) three hours each morning M-F for $100 per week, cash. When I have it I'll tip another $10 or $20 per week, but that's not "expected". You can set-up a free account with to post the job as a "trial". Try posting what you want to pay and you'll be able to see who applies, but you won't get their contact info unless you pay. But it will at least tell you if people will do the job for what you're offering.



answers from Chicago on

We live Downtown and prices range anywhere from $10+.
We are paying $10 per hour, for a sitter who is in college (18-23yr olds)and sits during the day for 4 hours twice a week. I don't ask her to do anything but watch my 2yr old son, although she has offered to do light house work or errands. If she were to sit my two children then she asks for $2 hour more.
Great you're taking the plunge with a sitter - I wish I'd had the courage to use a sitter a long while ago!



answers from Tampa on

I think this is a regional question but where I am at, for two children and a sitter coming to your home, i would guess +/- $15/hr.


answers from Detroit on

We pay 10-11 bucks an hour on a weekend night. The sitters drive to our home, so that makes a diffrence and the younger they are, the more difficult they can be. Changing diapers and making bottles is natural for you, not always the case with a sitter.

If it's during the day, I may go as low as 8 bucks and hour depending on the age of the sitter.

Factor in, how many hours are the kids actually going to be awake. Let's say the baby naps for 2 hours in the morning and they both nap in the afternoon. I would say to the sitter, that you will pay $8 an hour and let her know that 2-4 hours of the time she is there, the kids will be sleeping, so she is "free" to study, watch tv, read or go online.



answers from Chicago on

Are you looking for a regular every week the same hours the same day's? if so you can plan probably at least $100 a week for 2 regular 8 hour days a week if your talking a teenager for a few hours to go out that is a different scenario. My mom does daycare and if your looking for someone who is spectacular with kids give her a call. Right now she has a 2 yr old and a little boy who comes after school. ###-###-#### her name is irma. tell her S. gave you her number.



answers from Chicago on

$100/day for 7:30am - 4pm.



answers from Chicago on

We pay $10 per hour in the Chicago suburbs. That is for the 13 year old next door, as needed (no regular schedule).



answers from Chicago on

About $10 an hour in the Chicago area, but that's more for a teenager on the weekends. You can probably negotiate a lower price per hour if you are looking for all day care.


answers from Kansas City on

At least 60 per day or minimum wage depending on the hours you need.



answers from San Francisco on

I am in northern california and the average cost is $10/hour. I have two kids (girls, 1 & 3) and my sitters all come to my home. My sis has four boys and she pays the same thing. Considering they aren't paying taxes and the fact that sitters these days don't clean or straighten; I think that's being overpaid.

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