How Much Money Should I Send for My Daughter

Updated on August 12, 2014
V.H. asks from Miami, FL
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my daughter is going on a vacation to Miami with my step father, his daughter, sisters and their daughter. it's the first time she will be going away with them. I want to send travel money with him. How much money should I send with him for her for two weeks?

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So What Happened?

thanks for the advice, @ Fanged and Susan B. They will be staying with family members in a house so I was considering sending $200-$250. would that be enough for the two weeks. my mom and myself bought her plane ticket.

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answers from New York on

Depends on the manner in which they are accustomed to traveling, and what expectations they/ you have regarding the funding. Have a conversation with him, I would probably plan on at least $75 to $100 a day to cover her costs.

If they are funding her trip, and you are giving her pocket money only then $25 a day should do it.

F. B.

PS- We were at Hershey park this weekend. A souvenier cup (which offers discount refills costing $.99 each) was available for only $9.00. Things can get expensive very fast.

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answers from Kansas City on

How old is your daughter? Is this for meals, souvenirs, or both? If she's under 12, and it's for meals & souvenirs , I would give your step-dad the money to cover meals and give your daughter some extra spending cash ($100--in small bills). If she's over 12, I think she can be responsible for all of the money (if she's covering her own meals).

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answers from Dallas on

I think that I would discuss that with him to find out what their plans are for entertainment and what he plans to pay for on the trip. If he is planning to cover all of her expenses, I would still send some money with her for incidentals, souvenirs and to treat them all to breakfast or ice cream.

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia!!

How old is your daughter?
Where are they going to visit or do in Miami?
Have you considered getting the Visa Buxx for her? It is a pre-paid credit card you load and when she needs more, you can post it.

both of my boys have this. They have had them for a year. You can view their statements daily and see what they are spending money on.

What does your step father recommend for this vacation? Is he providing hotel and food? Or are they staying at a home? There is much that needs to be answered in order to "judge" how much to spend. Going on the assumption that your step father is providing room/shelter and food - I would say $100 for incidentals, souvenirs, etc..

Good luck! Hope she has a wonderful time!

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answers from Boise on

You didn't mention the age of your daughter. My two girls (11 and nearly 15) went for two weeks out of state. For my oldest, we got a re-fillable Visa card for her. We put $100 on it and two days before their flight back home, re-loaded it with $50. We gave our 11 yr. old $25 because the family she was staying with insisted on paying for everything for her.

If your daughter is old enough to not lose the card, I would do that. You can also track where the money is spent and how much, which is nice feature.

If she's too young and you want to give money to an adult to keep for her, I would suggest looking at her age and what is included by your step father. Again, without knowing how old she is, it's hard to say. The younger, the less amount. OIder, more. Unless, of course theme parks are included, and the like then factor in admittance and goodies.


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answers from Jacksonville on

Talk to her primary caregiver during the trip. Would that be your step dad? Ask him. What does he expect she'll need? What plans do they have (entrance fees, souvenir opportunities, meals out, etc)? And then send a little extra so she'll have some "fun" money.

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answers from Washington DC on

Last night I sent my daughter to a concernt with a friend of ours. She wouldn't let me send money for the ticket, but she did let me send money for food and a souvenir. So I sent $100. That made sure my daughter didn't go hungry and could get the item she wanted - which I knew would be a sweatshirt and it was! Ha!! :).

I did ask my friend if she thought that was enough...I did not want to put her out any money, so I asked. She said it was more than enough.

I suggest you do the same....ask the people she is going with.

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answers from Phoenix on

Ask your step father. He will know what they plan on doing, what he's going to pay for and what he isn't, if anything. If she just needs souvenir money then you can figure that out depending on her age. If she is to buy her own meals, then those details you would need to know. Asking us won't help with that. Good luck.

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answers from Rochester on

Ask your step father how much money she will need.


answers from Dallas on

I'm not sure how old your daughter is. When my kids were 15-16 I opened up bank accounts for them, checking, so they could get a debit card. It's link to my account so I can transfer money into their cards if they need it. That way they don't have to have too much cash on them. My youngest does not have one yet because he's only 7.

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