How Do You Watch TV Shows/movies?

Updated on January 20, 2014
C.P. asks from Valley View, PA
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I just cancelled our direct TV due to cost. We don't watch a lot of TV but want to have the option. I've been researching Hulu, amazon prime and roku. We have Netflix already. We watch it through our blu ray. Is roku just like a blu ray ie it just streams/ stores shows or does it give you access for free to content? I'm open to any advice or suggestions. We like kids shows (2&3 yo boy& girl), nature shows, history shows and movies. Thanks in advance

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So What Happened?

Great responses, thanks. What is Apple TV? Is it like a blu-ray or roku? Ie just a device to stream off of or do you get free content?

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answers from Chattanooga on

I wasn't a big fan of Amazon Prime. It's great if you frequently order from Amazon, because you get the free shipping.... But just for TV, not worth it IMO. We find plenty to watch on just Netflix (which we watch throug my husband's Xbox.), or using the internet to stream other shows. Most of the big channels, especially kid-friendly ones like PBS, have free streaming. My 3yo DD knows how to get onto the internet and click the PBS bookmark I put up for her so she can watch some shows or play games. Plus, they are educational. ;)

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answers from Portland on

We have a converter box, so I see anything I want when it airs, or when it repeats, or when I can get it online from the station websites.

As for movies-- dvd player and we get the discs from either the local library or the local indie video rental place. The library has a TON of kids stuff which you can put on hold if it's not in; our son is 6 and really likes the Reading Rainbow series and nature videos, which our library has plenty of. Check out your local library's catalog online-- you might find a treasure trove of appealing choices.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We ditched cable/satellite about 5.5 years ago and I love it. We got netflix which is good. we stream and get dvds. we can stream thru our wii, blue ray, and appleTV (which is similar to roku) Since we have ipad and iphones we can mirror from the ipad/iphone thru the appleTV onto our big tv. For network shows I would just watch them on the show website the next day or after. I do have to say that I am waaaaaaaay bummed that ABC has decided to delay programming for a week online unless you have certain cable providers and login with them or have hulu. Havent decide what I am going to do about that yet.

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answers from Norfolk on

We buy our favorite shows/movies on DVD and watch them when ever we want.
It's great!
No commercials!

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answers from Chicago on

We have the roku, to which we watch netflix on.

It is no different than using the bluray player- it might be slightly simpler, but I think the options are the same.

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answers from New York on

I also catch so many shows on either Hulu (which is free) or Hulu Plus (which is about $9.00 a month). Between my Netflix and Hulu Plus, I get all the shows I like and movies and enjoy tv/movie watching so much cheaper and flexible than cable or satellite.

I've seen Sesame Street, Electric Company and other kids shows on Hulu.

Great move ditching your direct tv and saving money while still enjoying your shows.



answers from Anchorage on

There are tons of free sites on the internet, just google "where to watch (name of show) free online".



answers from Denver on

I watch most of my shows on Hulu Plus. And now that I have a smart TV, I can watch my shows on Hulu Plus on the TV screen in addition to my laptop. I haven't watched actual network TV or cable in ages. We also have Netflix, which the kids seem to like a lot. I hear Amazon Prime is pretty good, too.


answers from Houston on

We watch YouTube. There are tons of kids' shows on there. Not always the best quality but my little one doesn't care. Otherwise, we do fancy rabbit ears to pick up the free locals (PBS is great for everything except movies) and Netflix. Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

We use a digital antenna and get a fair amount of channels. It's better than we thought it would be. We subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime. I think I got my money's worth in shipping alone for family gifts this past year. They all have trial subscriptions, so why don't you try them out and see what you think?



answers from Denver on

Netflix streaming is good enough for our kids and us. When there's something we really want to watch, we buy it through Apple TV. Our only monthly fees are for Netflix and internet. We watch a lot of TV.


answers from Huntington on

We use Roku to stream netflix, hulu plus and Amazon instant video. We have an Amazon Prime membership so there are a lot of free videos to choose from on there. But we paid for the yearly Prime membership, and we pay for the monthly Netflix payment and for Hulu. Occasionally we will rent a RedBox dvd if we are out of town.



answers from Albuquerque on

We've been cable free for years now. You'll definitely want to access your free channels, depending on what kind of TV you have. If you have an old school, you just need a converter box and an hdtv antenna. If you have an hdTV then you just need the antenna. We use a Roku and we subscribe to Netflix, it has enough programming for the kids. The Roku is pretty much just like the Blu ray, it streams shows but Roku does have some free content along with paid. You can check out their website. We had Hulu plus for a while but realized we just weren't utilizing it so we cancelled. The plus with Hulu Plus is they have newer shows the following day, which came in handy when I missed a show. I may consider going back now that abc won't let you access their shows for a week now (ughh, so mad about that). Good luck!



answers from Boston on

I haven't had cable for more than two years. We use Netflix for streaming and for DVD rentals. We also use Hulu plus and Amazon Prime. I personally love them all, but I also agree with Marie C. If you're only using Amazon for TV you may not get your money's worth. I have a Kindle and use Amazon for purchases so I have saved at least double what I paid for it. We stream through a Wii in our living room which has very limited channel options. I have a Roku that I use in my bedroom and that has more options. Not only can you stream the "big 3" but there are a ton more options. Some have free access, others are a monthly fee, and yet others are pay as you go. You can go to to get more info on what they offer and if it suits your family's needs.


answers from Lakeland on

We have cable and Apple TV. If you have an iTunes account you can rent/buy movies on it or watch movies you already have on your computer. You can also access Netflix, Hulu and a bunch of other stuff through it.

I like that we can take it with us when we travel (hotels, RV. etc.) we just need internet and a TV to plug it into.

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