Do You Have Roku?

Updated on June 27, 2012
A.W. asks from Saint Charles, IL
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Does anyone have Roku? What do you think are the pros and cons of it? I'm thinking about getting it to replace our cable. The only reason we haven't gotten rid of cable yet is my husband is a sports fanatic but I saw that Roku has MLB, NBA, MLS, and NHL channels. How does the Roku work? You just pay for it once and that's it? Is every channel a separate subscription? Thanks Mamas!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I like Roku-and it would be esp good if you don't have cable. You can get basically the full seasons of any show that you desire. But you have to pay - Hulu plus, netflix and amazon are all good ones to have and have. DH pays the bills so I couldn't tell you how much money they are.

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answers from Washington DC on

We have it and love it! We haven't had cable in like four years (first had a bluray that streamed Netflix, then moved that to the den and put Roku in the living room so we can get current stuff).

You pay for the box once, but the "channels" (think of them like apps) you can stream are added from the channel store... some are free, some are subscription based.

We pay for Netflix and Hulu Plus, and have rabbit ears plugged into the tv (yes, they still exist, just plug into the cable input jack) and don't miss cable at all. We get all the network tv channels that way along with CW, Ion, Ion-Life, Qubo, PBS, and a couple of other randoms. Lots of games air on the major networks, so we watch those, and if a game isn't on, SO goes out with his friends to watch, so that works for us :)

The MLB channel is definitely on there, but I don't know the cost... I'm sure it's less than you cable package, though :).

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answers from Dallas on

I have one for my bedroom tv. I got rid of cable and use strickly netflix (had hulu plus but didnt use it much). every channel is a different subscription but there are free ones as well. It is working out really well for me but i am not much of a sports fan so dont know about that stuff.

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answers from Rochester on

I have Roku and love it. I can watch all kinds of TV shows with no commercials, whenever I want. Often they are older shows but's cool. There are several channels (including several sports) that cost a monthly fee and several free channels as well. you pay a one time fee for the box, which is $100 or less, then each channel is it's own subscription.

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answers from Austin on

We have Roku and we do not feel it is a replacement for cable, because it does not have everything we like on it.

It does not have ABC, NBC, CBS, it has HBO on the go, but that is only HBO produced shows.. Not all of the movies.

I also love the news stations, but have not found a replacement on Roku.

We have Netflix , but not every movie is available for download.

I think you should look on the roku website and take a look. Make sure the shows you like are available. Especially if sports is that important toyour husband

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have Roku and no cable and it works for me and my daughter just fine. We don't watch any sports. I don't watch any TV shows, just an occasional movie. We have Netflix streaming and Amazon Prime.

Be sure that your internet connection is fast enough to support streaming. Here is a test you can run:

We have DSL and our speed is not always adequate which gives us a screen saying "Loading...." way too often right in the middle of shows. Amazon and Netflix will tell you the speed you need to get good streaming results.

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answers from Dallas on

When I researched it I found out it was great EXCEPT that after you do the onscreen set up you have to provide a credit card number. There is nothing they need the cc for. Netflix, Amazon, hulu etc. are all individual accounts. Roku is not a service. I got this information on Go to those reviews to get better information unless someone here can give some great info.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Hmm... I don't think that is how Roku works. We don't have one. I just bought a wi-fi blu-ray player and hooked that up to the TV. So we can access whatever without yet ANOTHER attached contraption. But any of the channels like NHL or whatever, you have to subscribe/pay for, I believe. Otherwise, hubby would be watching all the NHL, and he doesn't, except when we get it on regular Direct TV or promotional stuff they give us.

We do subscribe to Netflix streaming, though, and we can stream it all over the place. On the computer, in our bedroom (blu-ray w/wifi in there too), to the family room (via the Wii) or even on the ipods. And we can have multiple things streaming via Netflix on the various devices at the same time. So husband watches Rockford Files in the bedroom, while one kid watches XFiles in the living room and another watches Jackie Chan Adventures in the family room, and I am browsing what I want mailed to the house on the desk top computer. LOL

If you ever watch movies on disc (not streamed) then you could just get a wi-fi streaming enabled blue ray player and skip buying a roku.

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answers from Columbus on

We love it. We have Netflix. The Netflix subscription is cheap per month (I think it's $8 or $12/month) and with the Roku paid for, it's way cheaper than cable. We splurged on the big screen TV, and that makes it wonderful. I can hardly wait for DS to be olde enough to do movie nights at home (he's still a toddler, so his TV is really limited and he'll probably be 5 or 6 before we do movies with him, since he's pretty sensitive anyway and won't sit for a long time for a movie).

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