How Do I Stay in Shape and Organized?!!!

Updated on July 02, 2008
C.K. asks from Columbus, OH
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I an a SAHM of a 3yr old, a 2yr old, a 1yr old, and I'm 4 weeks pregnant with my 4th! Does anyone have any ideas as to how to stay organized, and in shape for this baby? Help!

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answers from Cincinnati on

It sounds like you'll be getting enough exercise just from taking care of three little ones. The challenge is going to be making time to take care of yourself and eat right. You really want to be getting 80-100 grams of protein per day, a well balanced diet, and lots of water. Also, stay away from the urge to just eat junk (fast foods, too many additives and colorings, carby sweets, highly processed foods, etc) all the time because it's quick. Here's a couple resources on healthy pregnancy diet:

Ideally, you should be getting your heart rate up (but not over 160) for 20 minutes a day. You could go to the gym if you have childcare, or walk with the kids in a stroller.

You might want to arrange to have good help. Maybe you can hire a teenage mother's helper. I've got one for the S. for 4 hours a day for $100/week. She's 14 years old.

Also, after the birth, you will burn calories by breastfeeding, plus regular exercise, and good diet.

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answers from Columbus on

check out

It's a blog by a woman named Candy. She has GREAT ideas!!
I've been using her Home Managemant Binder and it's really helped my fam stay organized.

Good Luck!!


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answers from Cincinnati on

It depends on what you want/need to organize? Staying in shape should be easy enough, chasing after the other three!! Find a playgroup to walk at the parks or YMCA mommy & me course?
As to the organizing, I have ways to organize your photo memories and preserve them for you t enjoy when you do not have your hands as full as you do now. Check out my profile for my website. I'd try to help personally, but I'm in Cinti. and you are in Columbus...

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