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How to Become a Stay at Home Mom.........

Aug 24, 2009 ... Read all 9 responses: "I am about to have my 3rd child, I would love to quit my job and stay at home I just dont know if it is possible.

Seeking Stay at Home Moms Spring Texas

Oct 3, 2009 ... Read all 14 responses: "I'm wondering about stay at home moms I would like to able to stay at home next year.Right now I am a registrar at ...

Career Mom Switching to Stay at Home - Need Advice and Suggestions!!!

Read all 13 responses: "Hi Ladies, I am switching from a Marketing Manager job to being a full stay at home mom. While I am SO EXCITED! to stay home with my ...

Working from Home

I really want to stay home with my kids but also want to be able to supplement household income. I've tried Avon and the whole franchisey/selling thing ...

Stay at Home Mom for 18 Years Is Getting Divorced, Can She Get Alimony?

Read all 5 responses: "My sister gave up everything for her husband of over 20 years. She dropped out of college and once kids were born, never worked, ...

Seeking Stay at Home Moms to Meet in Orange County, CA

Read all 6 responses: "I am looking for another Mom's group to attend with my son. I live in Aliso Viejo and am part of the Mom's group out here, ...

Any Ideas/ Playgroups/ Activities Around Worcester for a Stay-at- Home Dad?

Read all 5 responses: "We just had a baby boy in early January and we have another son who is 21 months. My husband is going to be a stay-at-home-Dad and I ...

Is It Possible to Leak Amniotic Fluid Started at 30 Weeks?

I am a stay at home mom of 3 girls too lol and preggo with my 4th! I think if it is a constant wetness even if it is a little at a time. ...

I Need an Honest, Stay at Home Job, That Doesn't Cost Me Anything to Start!!!???

Read all 5 responses: "Hello everyone! :) I need to start bringing in some income!!! My husbands is barely enough to pay bills, and I am sick of being so ...

Attention Stay at Home Moms

Read all 14 responses: "I was just wondering if there are any stay at home moms out there who just absolutely love being a stay at home mom (okay i know ...
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  • leaking amniotic fluid in 5 answers "I do know someone who was leaking amniotic fluid, thought it was pee, but it wasn't ..."
  • dave ramseys book in 2 answers "I also recommend getting Dave Ramsey's book and applying his principles."
  • urine or amniotic fluid in 2 answers "They have this strip they can use to tell whether it is urine or amniotic fluid."
  • your amniotic fluid in 3 answers "Granted, your amniotic fluid does replace itself, but my friend got severely dehydrated ..."
  • definately call your doctor in 2 answers "... yourself (not trying to be funny but it happens)....DEFINATELY call your doctor."