How Do I Know What School My Child Will Attend?

Updated on February 09, 2011
L.W. asks from Florence, KY
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Hi Ladies
Another mom just called me and asked about the schools in our area. Our kids are too young to attend an actual school now but she was concerned because our daycare is not close to our house and she is worried the bus willl not pick our kids up at daycare. She is thinking of switching daycares to one that is closer to our houses so the bus will pick the kids up when they are old enough.
So my question is, how do I find out which school our kid will attend. I went to and found about 5 public schools in our zipcode (41042) but was not sure which ACTUAL school she would attend....can I pick any of the 5 schools? or should I just call one of the schools and ask?

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answers from Sacramento on

Call your school district office and ask. They can tell you which school. Most districts have an assigned school based on your address.

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answers from Stockton on

Contact your local school district, they will be able to tell you based on your physical address. If you do not like the school that is yours then you can ask about what is called an intradistrict transfer.

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answers from Dover on

Contact the school district and based on your address, you can find out for sure which school they would attend. Based on the daycare's address you can find out which district that falls into.

Sometimes it is not what it is closest too. My child's old daycare was only 4 miles from our local elementary school but was actually in a completely different school district.

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answers from Appleton on

Call the school administration office and ask which school your child will go to, also ask if they offer an after school program. Many schools offer an after school program at a nominal fee, the kids do homework and play games with supervision. The parents pick the kids up after work, I have picked up my grandchildren on occasion if one of my kids had car trouble or were sick.

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answers from New York on

Call the registrar at the district office and ask. They will just need your street address. You can then ask to be transferred to "transportation" and they will let you know if they can pick your child up at the daycare.

MOST districts will work with you, as long as the daycare isn't too far out-of-the-way and still within the district boundaries.

Go to the source. Everything else is a "guess"!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Call your day care and ask what schools they pick up at. Most are not even doing this kind of transportation anymore and are phasing it out. With the 15 passenger vans having issues that caused them to flip it's not cost effective to carry insuranceon them that would cover such an accident. So lots of child care centers are just taking younger kids. By the time yours get there they may not have any option but to do after school care at their school, it's often done by the YMCA and a good program.

I googled Florence Kentucky school district maps and got the school home website. The boundary maps are under each elementary school.



answers from Atlanta on

You should google for your school district's website. They will have zone or district maps so you can see what school(s)your address is zoned for. Different places have either city or county school districts and some have both (for example I live in Fulton County and Atlanta City, so our schools are Atlanta City).



answers from Cincinnati on

Check out the Boone County website,


answers from Minneapolis on

Well...I am in a different state, but here, I do know what district I am in, so I called their main office, explained what I wanted to know (what our elementary "home school" for attendance will be) and they asked my address.

I actually knew when my daughter was little, she attended there, but now, as a daycare provider of 14 years, I haven't had school age children for many years and they closed my daughters old elem school in budgeting junk. So I was unsure when I actually did have a potential daycare parent call to ask. This was when I looked online for the districts main number and called. easy as that. I would imagine you do not get to pick from those 5 schools.

Many places all over the country have an open enrollment option, but I know here, there are forms to fill out, requesting a specific school within the district (outer district ones I think occur but are rare and denials have alot to do with where the tax money comes from, etc). For us, many if these non-home school occurrences have no transportation involved...parents need to provide it if children attend out of their normal busing areas.

As a daycare provider, I do get alot of calls asking specifically what school is my "home school", as parents are trying to plan ahead. Our problem as of late has been closing and rearranging of lines for a few local schools. Makes things harder to plan ahead sometimes!

Good the local will get your answers.



answers from New York on

I just went through the same thing for my daughter who will be starting Kindergarten next year......I called the Board of Education in my city...they asked me for my zip code and then told me the school...Our board of education posts the applications online for Kindergarten and then tells you the dates they hold the registration..Its soo hard when its your first child....I had no clue where to even begin...I asked around to other parents which led me to call the Board of ed.



answers from Los Angeles on

Call your school district. Usually it's the school closest to your home but they do make exceptions for day care if you need to do an inter-district transfer. But yea, you won't actually know until enrollment time because it will depend on the school's capacity and all.

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