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Updated on July 14, 2011
L.L. asks from Freeport, MN
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My son got his first case of diarrhea and diaper rash over the weekend. Friday afternoon we noticed he was starting to get a diaper rash. He was in so much pain and being a first time parent, I wasnt really sure what to do and he was in so much pain so I called his doctor and she recomended the BRAT diet to harden up his stool, pedialight for dehidration, Epsom to help with the diaper rash and also a precription for his rash, We also give him a bath everytime he fills his diaper since we really can't wipe his butt,

But today, I noticed that he had blood in his diaper which Im thinking is from his rash that really doesnt seem to be healing after all that we have been doing. Also, his diarrhea isnt seem to be getting better. Now my question is how long does it usually last both the diarrhea and diaper rash? What do you do to help cure your child's? And since it doesnt seem to be getting better should I just take him to the doctor? Thanks for the help!

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So What Happened?

Ok to clairify, His bum is so raw that every time he poops it must opens up the diaper rash and thats where the blood is coming from. Also we werent giving him a bath everytime he pooped. I would just run water over his bum to keep from rubbing it and making it worse.

But I got a hold of his doctor this morning and she suggested to dillute his formula or stop giving it to him all together cause its might be irritating the diarrhea. And to continue giving him the Empson salt baths. And to use aquaphore to use as a barrier and to alternate it with the prescription she gave him. But Im going to try and give him more carbs and try the yogert. But she said the diarrhea might be lingering cause he hight have more teeth coming in. But thanks so much for al the advice!

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answers from Milwaukee on

when my kids were in diapers, it seemed like 9 out of10 times they had diarrhea, they got a yeast infection from sitting in it. Try some Lotrimin on the rash and if it is yeast it will clear up within 1-2 days. Also, use homemade wipes while the rash is present.



answers from Dallas on

I agree with the posters below about the various treatments: no more baths, use the butt paste, leave him naked when you can, use the wipes or the adult cottonelle wipes for after poop, keep him off irritating food. But as for the blood in the diaper, that worries me. If he isn't better tomorrow take him in. That sounds out of the norm and I would want a DR opinion. Good luck!! Poor baby and YOU!

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answers from Houston on

Some sort of oatmeal paste? Oatemeal is very soothing to the skin.

I would take him to the doctor and get a 'script. In the meantime, use butt paste that will soothe and heal. Keep him as dry as possible (I'm sure you are already doing this), like, when you clean him off w/wipes after a dirty diaper, use a dry diaper clothe to pat dry. Then apply the butt paste.

Your poor baby! hth

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yogurt an make them give you prescription butt paste. It IS that much better! Your poor baby!!!!$



answers from Boston on

Diaper rash can turn fungal in a flash. Lotrimen isa good idea (as someone else suggested). We used that on my daughter when she had it. diaper rash is SOOOOO painful! put the lotrimen on and then smother with barrier cream or vaseline so that the next bowel movement will not irritate it. We also used to have good luck with corn starch powder mixed with vaseline. Don't feel like you need to remove the vaseline with every diaper change; just wipe away the poo with a damp washcloth (dab gently) and reapply . Constantly wiping away the old cream will irritate the skin further.

Probiotics are a fantastic idea.

Do you see pinpoint open/bleeding areas on his skin? ANy chance the blood is coming from his GI tract? Definitely mention it to the doctor.



answers from St. Cloud on

not sure if anyone else mentioned probiotics. I work as an RN in the hospital and for peds diarrhea we start giving them probiotics right away to get the healthy bacteria back in the gut. try culterelle capsules- open and mix the powder in with food or drinks...



answers from Bismarck on

I do know that baby wipes that have alcohol in them actually hurt their little sore hinders...I firmly believe that if you use a washcloth and warm soapy water to clean them, it will stop the bacteria (washes it away) and then use butt paste or desitin...helps it heal almost overnight! But soapy water is needed to get all the poop off even if you can't see it, the bacteria is still there and actually can eat into their skin.



answers from Honolulu on

Is he young and are you breastfeeding?
if so, try putting breastmilk on it.
I 'heard' this helps rashes?

Ask your Ped.
And take him in to the Doctor to look at it.
It may be a yeast infection rash too.
These don't just go away, without treatment.


answers from Chicago on

To help get rid of the diarrhea you should try to give him a probiotic, which will help restore health to his digestive system.


answers from Chicago on

Like Queen mentioned, probiotics get rid of diarreah almost ovenight. You can get them at any drugstore. For kids, it's usually a powder you can put in their drink. Check out Florastor for the brand.

If the diaper rash is really bad, I'll spray them with Dermoplast before I start the paste and re-diapering, just to numb the area.



answers from Milwaukee on

I don't know about the diarrhea, except to watch out for dehydration... however, I use Hydrocortozone cream, and if it is really bad get a prescription for 2% instead of the 1% you get over the counter. I have always had it cleared up within 12 hours with the cream and it builds a protective shield against the next bough of poop. Other people swear by a name brand that ends with Butt Paste. Not sure of the brand, but the hydrocortozone has always cleared it up in 12 hours o less!!!
Good luck!!!


answers from Provo on

starchy foods to harden poop. Banana's are great!
As for the rash, air out that bum. wrap a towel around him and call it good till it gets wet then change him immediately, and repeat.
For cream, I highly suggest California Baby (target, babies r us). Their Culunda (sp?) took away my sunburn. It is that amazing. Plus if there is any yeast issues it will help take that away since it has tea tree oil in it.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Was your little one just on an antibiotic recently? It could be a rash or if it is actually blood from the stool it could be C-Diff. Both of these things require antibiotic creams. I am not sure if you are looking for a store bought cream or a homemade cream? If you need a store bought cream go to the pharmacy (you have to go to the counter bc it is behind) and ask for Resinol. This is seriously the BEST cream for raw little bottoms. Our pediatrician recommended it about 6 years ago bc our middle daughter has super sensitive skin and it cleared up a major rash within 12 hours! You can always put on vaseline and then shake cornstarch on...or solely use cornstarch if you think it needs to be dry. Good luck to your little one. Diaper rashes are so painful!



answers from Kansas City on

I would not give him a bath each time, that might hurt him! I know when my kids had bad diaper rash they did not like getting in the tub. I would use dry tissue or even a wash cloth when he poops. Then at the end use maybe one wet wipe to get it all. He could need a fungal cream as someone else mentioned. Just get the generic Lotrimin brand, that works great. You can apply it twice daily and in between just use something you like. Desitin regular is great for a barrier but I personally don't like it. I prefer Butt Paste, Aquaphor and/or Vaseline. You can also apply some Aquaphor or Vaseline over the fungal cream to help keep it in place, so to speak, and create more of a barrier with the diaper. Airing him out as much as possible will also help. If he will lay him on a towel on the bed or floor for about 10-20 minutes after each change. If he's too wiggly for that then just try cream. I wouldn't take him in just yet, diarrhea can last a while. Keep up the brat diet and push fluids when you can!



answers from Oklahoma City on

We have found what i like to call the butt miracle cream its by johnson and johnson its called johnsons no more rash diaper rash cream with zinc oxide 3 in 1 formula. you can find it at dollar general. helps heal the rash soothes the skin and forms a barrier my kids rashes all cleared in a couple days and it was a bad rash. as for the diarrhea breads and bananas no acidic foods or juices bc they can make it worse. cheese is a good binding food as well good luck to u



answers from New York on

triple paste. you can add a little bacitracin or neosporin to the triple paste. if it doesn't get better with this he may need a script for nystatin cream which is an anti fungal cream. i hope he feels better!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I gave my babies cod liver oil and it made their skin healthier and more resistant to diaper rash.

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