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Updated on July 07, 2011
C.T. asks from Cabot, AR
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Are any of you a member of a WAHM group or a Direct Sales Mom group? I am looking for women who are with companies like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Partylite etc. to network with. I am with a group where I live now and would like to find something similar when I move. We would trade parties and even have game night and stuff together - it was a lot of fun. If there isn't anything like this, is anyone interested in getting something like this started?


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answers from Little Rock on


I am a Tupperware Consultant and would love the opportunity to expand my business. We moved to LR almost 3 years ago and I have been fumbling, but I am gaining momentum to really get the business going and share Tupperware. I have a very busy business month planned.

The best way to reach me is my cell ###-###-####.




answers from Little Rock on

Hello! I have a Mary Kay business, and I have been looking for someone to partner with to do events! You can reach me through my website if you're interested!





answers from Springfield on

Hey Ladies!

I need to play motivational TAG with you!

The goal is to keep moving forward and getting out there and keep getting out there. The results of Tag create the basis of a great productive week. It's the bounce-back with a power partner, provides accountability. Tag springboards me into action to achieve the 30 faces or Pacesetters or to be a Star or whatever corporate goals you choose to work for!

For example, I'd start it off, I'm at 2, so you're it. You need to get 3.

What qualifies as a point?

1) If you send out a blanket email to your customers, you only count the # of actual responses you receive from customers. For example, I sent ecards, 2 customers contacted me back. That counts as 2 points. Same goes for a snail mailout of postcards, for example. You only count the # of actual responses you receive from customers. One point each.

2) Making a telephone call and talking to a person about the product or setting up a delivery/facial/appt/party or catching up as goodwill equal a point each. Answering machines do not get points.

3) Meeting anyone and offering them a card or flyer or sample or whatever is 1 point each person. If they're not interested, they still count as 1 point each.

4) Meeting and holding appts with a person. 1 point

5) If it's a party or double facial, count 1 point for each attendee.

6) Recruiting interviews equal a point.

7)For each thank-you note/card you write and snail mail, counts 1 point each.

8) Placing wholesale orders counts as a point each. (Not each individual customer order).

Basically, anything that requires people contact equals a point. You need to get 3 points and TAG me back, I'll have to get 4.

While you are getting 3 points, I don't stop working, I try to earn single tag (7 points) double tag (15 points) and triple tag (31 points). My personal goal is to achieve 3 single/double/triple tags a day.

single tag = 3+3+1(more) = 7 points
double tag = 7+7+1(more) = 15 points
triple tag = 15 + 15+ 1 (more) = 31 points

Results of TAG?

I've played TAG with a direct-sales consultant for 3 weeks, we are at 14. We've added team members, increased sales, gained new customers and it's awesome looking at my tracking notes. I've tracked a total of 107 points with this particular game of TAG.

Are you on? Tell email me at [email protected]____.com and go get 3 points!

Let's see what our results are after this 5 week month!

Independent Beauty Consultant (Mary Kay)
Tupperware Consultant (Tupperware)



answers from Little Rock on

Hi C., I am also a Tupperware consultant. I am new to the business and would love the opportunity to talk to others and help my business grow. You can contact me through my website www.my2.tupperware.com/jenniferstafford.



answers from Little Rock on

Hi there! I sell Thirty-One gifts! I would love to get all of us together to trade ideas! My contact info is on my website:


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