Help Need Advice on Buying a Used Car Through Ebay!!!!

Updated on February 22, 2011
T.D. asks from Sanibel, FL
6 answers

Ok, I'm so stressed out as we are now down to 1 car as the other one died and are in desperate need of good used low milage car. I have seen a few good ones and one inparticular is really what we need. It is located in Georgia and we are in Florida so I don't know how the process works through EBAY Buyers protection. ANY HELP and advice asap would be greatly appreciated as this car seems great and we will have our mechanic inspect before buying....

Thanks ladies...

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answers from Houston on

I had a friend buy a car through ebay... it was a rare classic that he had towed cross country for, that he gutted and rebuilt ,so to him, working condition didn't matter.

Really, I don't know how it works, you would have to get the car to Florida to have your mechanic look at it... probably better to have a mechanic there check it out... as I don't know if driving it over state lines will protect you from returning it should you not like what your mechanic says, or if the car will break down on your way back.

Ebay does have a car buying guide though here, so it could be helpful for you, as well as another great ebay car buying tips:
This advice is particularly helpful:

Before you bid, make sure you have an out: Bid only on auctions where sellers allow you to cancel after you inspect the car.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have a co-worker that had a nightmare experience buying a car through eBay. The car never even made it home from the other state.
I'm sure many ads/dealers are legit, but are you SURE you cannot find a local used car?

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answers from Boston on


Do NOT pay any money to have a car shipped to you. It is a well known scam. Be very careful. I would not buy any car that I could not see in person and bring to a mechanic to have it thoroughly checked. But if it is a well known seller with a very good rating, then I would not be as hesitant. Just be careful.



answers from Milwaukee on

I saw on a show where the girl paid and then was asked to wire the money for the shipping of the car and it was like $200-300 and then they were going to send her the car. They got all the money and she didn't get a thing in return. I would check Craigs List if you have that where you live. Cars are sold on there very fast. We just got an awesome deal because they needed to sell fast. You can look in your area on there.



answers from Miami on

Don't do it; go to a reputable company. My hubby and I have issues with Ebay.



answers from Chicago on

I think if you look on Ebay there is a message board that can help you with your question. I sold a car on Ebay and the guy just came and looked at it, paid cash and took it. I think he took it for a test drive before paying us.

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