Help!!! My Daughter Has to Dress as Nursey Rhyme Character

Updated on May 19, 2010
T.L. asks from New York, NY
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My 4 year old daughter has to dress up as a nursey rhyme character on Friday for her Pre K class.... I have no ideas of what to do!!!! Please help!!! If you moms have any ideas please let me know!!!!!

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answers from Jacksonville on

What about LIttle Miss Muffet?

She could take a plastic bowl/spoon with a crumpled up piece of paper taped to the bottom of the bowl (for the porridge) and have a plastic Halloween toy spider stuck to her pants leg/skirt or to the side of the bowl even.

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answers from Chicago on

one of the mice from hickery dickory doc (grey sweatsuit and whiskers)

mary mary quite contrary? dress with pinafort over it and a watering can

jill from jack and jill went up the hill/ (this one is so easy all she needs is a bucket)

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answers from Killeen on

Little Miss Muffet,(my favorite) Mary and her little lamb, Little Bo Peep, The Queen of Hearts, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...



answers from Kansas City on

Humpty dumpty could be pretty simple with an egg "sandwich board" cut out of cardboard and painted white.

YOu could also make her a ladybug from "Ladybug, ladybug fly away home.

A red sweat suit with electrical tape dots on the back, and some black antennae could work.



answers from New York on

Well what do you have in the house? You can make her a cat for Puss and Boots, lite make up and black leotard or leggins. Little Red Riding hood...Red hoodie or just some red fabric to make the cape and add an easter basket. Any princess dresses...she could be Cinderella or Snow White. Or Goldilocks and bring a stuffed teddy bear and a bowl to school. Good luck.


answers from Fresno on

My daughter had to do this when she was in Pre-K too. She asked if she could be the old woman who lived in a shoe (she thought the part about the old lady whipping her kids soundly and putting them to bed was hysterical - go figure!). She wore a calico dress, gray wig, and a BIG wooden spoon, LOL!



answers from Washington DC on

One of the blind mice....same outfit as hickery dickery doc, but with black glasses.

A kitten - there were 3 kittens who lost their mittens.


answers from Milwaukee on

**Little Bo-Peep (blue/yellow/pink dress, bonnet, maybe staff & a stuffed animal sheep/lamb)

**Miss Muffet (blue/yellow/pink dress, bonnet, fake spider, bowl, wodden spoon)

**Old Mother Hubbard (gray dress with half apron, dog bones)

**The Cat & The Fiddle (Cat, Fiddle, Cow, Moon, Dog, Dish, Spoon)

**Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (white/yellow/green dress, bonnet/hat with flowers, small pot of fake flowers or watering can)

**Mary's Canary (yellow dress, with fake yellow bird/canary)

**Betty Blue (blue dress, yellow bonnet, technically only one shoe)

**Little Girl & Queen (girl: blue dress, bonnet, rose to give to queen, she gets a diamond back)

**Mary's Lamb (pink/blue dress, fake lamb, bonnet)

**Jack & Jill (blue/pink dress, bonnet, pail)

If you need the actaully nursey rhyme just email me, I have the book on hand if you need it. Hope you find something you & your daughter likes :)



answers from Nashville on

I was going to suggest exactly what Victoria did. If you have a dress with a fuller skirt you could cut an apron out and make a bonnet type thing out of a sheet or something fairly easily I think. I can't sew a single thing, and I think I could rig a bonnet. If you can sew it would be really easy. That would give it that old fashioned look. But even if you wanted to skip that part, just the spider and bowl of curds would get the point across.

Jill would be pretty simple with a pail for water.

Or if you have a pumpkin halloween costume she could be Peter Pumpkin Eater's wife. (Peter Peter pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her, put her in a pumpkin shell, there he kept her very well.)



answers from New York on

Easiest might be Wee Willie Winkie -- just send her in her nightgown, and maybe with a flashlight, too, since he runs through the town at night.



answers from New York on

I was once Mother Goose. I wore a long skirt with an apron over it and a kercheif around my neck. You could get a yellow beak :-) Then there is the mouse from Hickory Dickory Dock or Jill from Jack and Jill... sun dress, little whit sox with maryjane shoes, Hope this helps. Grandma Mary



answers from New York on

How about the mouse from Hickory Dickory Dock? Just buy (or use if you already have) grey sweats, add a tail, and use felt to make ears that you can attach to a hairband.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I glanced through all your responses and you got some cute and easy ideas... I was thinking - although I don't think this is exactly a 'nursery rhyme' - of Little Red Riding Hood... It's very simple, actually... any little dress, with a basket of goodies for grandma, and a Red Hooded Cape, which could easily be made from a red piece of fabric.