HELP! Looking for a Great Place to Stay in South Parde Island!!

Updated on July 16, 2007
A.C. asks from Rowlett, TX
4 answers

We are looking for a great place to stay in South Parde Island, Any ideas!!!!

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The Sheraton and the Hilton are the two premium high rise hotels that are sea side. They will both give you excellent access to the beach and are beautiful hotels. The Holiday Inn is another option too. We have family nearby and rarely stay at the island otherwise I could give you some more specifics on lodging. Condos are available and there are several services that book them for you. You may want to review A kid friendly restaurant that is quite popular is Blackbeard's. In the event that you can get away for a romantic adult evening I recommend Scampi's Restaurant. Another good family friendly establishment is Sea Ranch Restaurant. Have fun!



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A friend of mine rents out a nice 3 bedroom condo out there. I will get the contact info and reply to you again. I really think staying in a Condo down there is the best way to go. I use to live down there and hotels are nice but the beach and pool areas can get crowded. Most condos down there have nice pools you can go to if you don't want to get sandy and are a lot less crowded than the hotels in the area.

Here is the weblink to their condo.



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We have stayed down there numerous times w/ and w/out kids. Did you want a condo or hotel? Since we have 2 small ones we wanted ground floor and our favorite places our the best Western, on the bay side, or this condo on the surf side. I can not remeber th ename, but if you are interested you can email me and I will get the dets for you. Also Franke reality has tons of great places listed.

You HAVE to visit Parrot Eyes!! It is an outside bar, rest., water sports place at the end of the Island, by the convention center! The kids will LOve it, as there are hammocks, runing space, parrots. You will Love it as it is gorgeous and a great place to enjoy a cold adult beverage! You have to enjoy at least one sunset there. I promise you will not be disappointed!

good luck


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We stayed at the Sheraton and it was nice. The only drawback at the time was too few elevators. The pool was nice. We have also stayed at the Radisson and enjoyed it very well. Both are on the ocean side.

One thing I recommend is the horseback riding on the beach. My daughter LOVED it. So much so that we did it every day. Some rides are seaside and others are bay side. Either way, it was a lot of fun and they match you pretty well to your experience as a rider. Staff is very intouch with everyone on the ride and it was a lot of fun. We also enjoyed taking a drive on the beach. There are access areas where you can actully drive on the beach very close to the water. It was great. You just pay a park fee of about $3 (or a six pack of refreshments) and it is fun.

Enjoy! We have not been in about 3 yrs now. It was not too commercial at the time which is what we liked.


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