Much Needed Family Beach Vacation - Any Suggestions?

Updated on June 13, 2008
L.S. asks from Wylie, TX
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I would really love for my family to go to the beach this summer. I haven't been to the beach in over 17 years, so I could use some advice. Has anybody had a great trip to the beach they could share? What beach and hotel would be a great place to stay for a family of 4? My kids are 5 and 2 1/2. I would like the hotel to be on the beach. I was thinking of one of the Texas beaches but will consider other places that might be a little further away if it's worth the drive. Please help, my family could really use this time together.

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since it has been awhile since you have been, and may be ahwile until you go back I would go to Florida. It is an extra 100 miles(more than going to S. Padre) to go to Destin, FL and Destin has been voted to have the best beaches in the US.



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I practically grew up in Destin and Fort Walton Beach, family went there every summer when I was a child in the sixties. Of course, it wasn't as popular or crowded back then. I took my 2 girls (5 and 9) back to Destin last summer and although they truly loved it, I was disappointed where we were. We stayed in a condo on a peninsula real close to the Destin bridge and near a harbor. The waters were full of jellyfish and the beach was very crowded...not what I was used to.

Then, we decided to take a drive up the strip past Destin Commons to the old cottage we rented back in the sixties located on Tang O Mar Beach. The cottage was still there, surrounded by several new builds and also some old ones. We took a walk on the beach and it was beautiful...not crowded and I never saw one jellyfish. We we go back we will rent a cottage called Walker Tree Tops which is extremely affordable and right on that private beach. The only thing that bothered my mother was the 12 hour drive from Dallas to Destin. We decided we'd fly next time.

This year, we're going to Crystal Beach in Galveston for a shorter drive. I found a cute affordable cottage right on the beach.

I highly recommend Destin, but try to find a private beach not too close to the condos and resorts. Or, you may prefer a hotel or condo and I have some friends who prefer Dolphin Island.



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Last year we flew to FL and stayed in San Destin. (Westwinds Condo is right on the beach and the beaches are gorgeous)
This year we just got back from Watercolor which we drove to. (20 minutes outside of Destin) My kids are 5 and almost 2.
I highly recommend it. We rented a 2 bedroom condo in the Beach District, but there's also Watercolor Inn if you prefer a hotel) Even some of the condos that were not in the beach area are not far from the beach and tons of families just rode their bikes w/ bike trailers for the little ones.
Tons of family activities and all very kid friendly. There's even a boat house with kayaks and fishing as well as Kids Camp, bicycles to rent, great swimming pools...
Either San Destin or Watercolor would be great for your family.



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We went to Port Aransas and stayed at the Sand Piper condos. They are right on the beach and we loved it. We had a full kitchen. I would bring groceries and they have a little grocery store so you can get your perishables. We had a very nice time cooking at the condo and spending time on the beach they have a shower hub to get cleaned up before you come in the condo, but the maids who clean vacuum well. It was nice to have not worry about making a mess in your car with the sand...etc. We took a day and drove into Corpus to go to the Texas Aquarium which was nice too! Great dolphin shows.


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We have been to South Padre a few times and enjoyed the Sheraton on the beach as well as the Radisson. Both have easy beach access. We flew to Harlingen on Southwest and then drove about an hour.

Last year we went to the Hilton Sandestin Resort which was by far one of the best beach resorts we have visited since Hawaii. The beach is beautiful, accomodations were fantastic. We flew to Ft Myers and then drove about an hour.

This year we are going to a Hilton resort at Fort Lauderdale FL. So far it looks great. I have a 13 yr old daughter and we usually take along one of her friends so we look for a place with a separate bed/bath area within the hotel. That works well for us. We are flying to Ft Lauderdale and driving to hotel.

We are not ones for road trips. If it is more then 2 hrs away, we fly.

Have fun!!



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Its a bit of a drive but we went to Gulf Shores in Alabama last Summer and had a FABULOUS time. We rented a house so we could cook all of our meals, which saved lots of money and meant more family time without interuption. The beach wasn't too crowded, even in the middle of July, and the entire town is kid friendly...putt putt, water parks etc. It was worth the drive and a family vacation we will never forget.
We found the house that we rented here:
I hear there is a new family resort in Galveston that is wonderful...they have condo rentals, pools etc.
Have a fabulous vacation!

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