HELP!! I Need a Good Plumber ASAP!

Updated on September 07, 2008
N.D. asks from Lisle, IL
5 answers

We'll be moving at the end of the month and need to find a good plumber to have some work done before our closing. I'm having trouble finding someone to come out and give us an estimate quickly. The fastest anyone has said they could come out would be in nearly 2 weeks and we don't have that kind of time. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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I'm not sure where you live, but we use Superbowl Plumbing in Naperville. Good luck!



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SLS Plumbing Heating and Cooling LLC! They are out of Lombard the # is ###-###-####.



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Hi N.!
I know of an awesome plumber!!!
Joe Anderer, New Lenox, ###-###-####
S. S


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I tried your recommendations of SLS Plumbing and I would NOT recommend them. I had a toilet that was backing up and figured it probably needed to be rodded. They said it would be $125, which sounded reasonable. They send a young guy out here - Mike - and he brought a small hand-held rodder, said he tried to rod it and he couldn't get it to go through. Then, because they still wanted to charge me, he tried to put it on me and Mike said that I should have told them about my special circumstances i.e. that I have septic. I said, well, no one asked me about that and I don't consider septic special - everyone in my neighborhood has septic. Besides - what does having septic have to do with a rodding job? Rodding pipes is the same whether you have septic or sewer. I ended up paying $75 and the job wasn't done.

So then I called another plumber recommended here and gave him the background. He said that he didn't do any work on septic lines but he recommended me to a great plumber - A-Plumbing Repair Company in Lombard ###-###-####. They came out with the large rodding machine and rodding it out - it was just a plugged up line. They did charge me $300, but they got the job done in two hours and were reliable.



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I have used SLS plumbing. I have had them to my home for many different reasons. I have not had any reasons not to keep using them. They do good work and are very polite. They have always been able to come the day that I called, if not early the next morning. I belive they are resonable in their pricing. Here is their number
SLS plumbing, owner's name is Scott, ###-###-####.
Hope they work out for you too.

SAHM also,

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