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Updated on July 15, 2009
K.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

Hi Moms--my dog has been barking at 5am for no apparent reason. We've tried crating him and that doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have a solution to stop early morning barking? He doesn't appear to be barking at anything in particular. Thanks:)

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answers from Omaha on

I would recommend the bark collar, they aren't too expensive, around $30 and they aren't painful for the dog. It just has a box on a collar that sits on their voicebox, when they bark it sends a high pitch sound or some of them give a little shock.

We use a actual shock collar on our dog b/c she had major behavior issues and we saw a great improvement in just a few days. Now even without the collar on she hardly barks at anything and at most it is a bark or two not a complete barking fit like before.

good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

We got our dog to stop barking by squirting lemon juice in him mouth. It only took our dog a handful of times to learn what would happen when she barked. Good luck!


answers from Milwaukee on

There are anti barking products that you can get to help stop the barking. There are collars or a device that looks like a little radio that sends out a high pitch sound (that humans can not hear) when the dog starts to bark and it usually stops them from barking. These items can get price, I have seen them for $40 - $80. I worked with a dog trainer that used them with her dogs, after a few months the dogs rarely barked.

Depending on the type of dog there may be the reason of needing to be let out if kept inside, sees an animal outside (even if you do not see it), or it could be just to get attention.



answers from Minneapolis on

I wonder if he has to go out. My (idiot) dog climbs all over me, barks, and licks me every day when he has to go out... I just figured this out after months of being annoyed at it.

It could also be that he is barking at an early morning, routine guest. My previous dog used to go crazy every morning around 3 am. It took me about 3 months to realize that that was when our resident raccoon checked out our garbage can every day. She was on a definite schedule - and our dog went insane every morning when she came by. (We ended up trapping her and her 5 babies and moving them to another location as recommended by a wildlife specialist.)

Unfortunately, I don't have any other real suggestions about how to fix it. Maybe it will be as easy as one of those two things for you -
Good luck!

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