Heartburn or Acid Reflux

Updated on May 18, 2010
R.P. asks from Belle Plaine, KS
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Hi all, i have a question. i keep getting this burning sensation in my chest and throat area. i thought that it was heartburn but now im thinking it my be reflux. how can i tell the difference between the two and what can i do for it other than tums? thanks in advance

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answers from Kansas City on

My daughter was just diagnosed and the doctor told us to get the generic acid reducer for her. She has to take it twice a day instead of once a day, but it only cost $4.00 compared to $20.00 for the name brand stuff. It has worked great, and she is doing much better. I would try this before spending the extra money on the name brand stuff.

Good Luck!

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answers from Roanoke on

Hi, I am not sure which it is but, you should see your doctor if it continues. My husband has acid reflux and takes a prescription every day. He stays away from soda,caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods as they seem to flare it up. Good luck to you and hope you feel better soon.

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answers from Dallas on

Not sure which it is, but lots of people get relief from symptoms like this with Shaklee's chewable cal-mag. I sell lots of it to pregnant moms.
Let me know if you are interested.
Of course it is always a good idea to check with your doctor if you think something is wrong.



answers from Wichita on

My alternative doctor says that ironically, acid reflux is sometimes the result of NOT ENOUGH acid (I take Gescid for that) in the stomach; however, I take probiotics, and both have really kept my reflux under control. Probiotics have other advantages, because they help keep the yeast/fungus in your body in check, which helps your immune system. Martha is right, though. Prevacid is an excellent drug, but not all drugs or remedies work for all people, so trying other good suggestions you've gotten here is a good idea. If apple cider vinegar works for you, it's much less expensive.



answers from Kansas City on

alka seltzer helps my hubby in the short term. Also sleeping on an incline pillow, and the other things L.J. said.



answers from Los Angeles on

If you live in the LA area I swear by the Santa Monica Homeopathic store on Broadway and 7th. They are the best and very helpful



answers from Columbus on

Gee, I don't know about any of the advice you have gotten, but I have had acid reflux for about 30 years, and the best thing on earth to me has been being on prevacid. Now that it is over the counter, give it a try. It works, the acid is totally gone, and you don't have to eat sour pickles or vinegar or chew anything gross. Medical problem = medicine. I don't have any issue anymore.




answers from Houston on

I use the apple cider vinegar too, and it helps within minutes. The other things that help in minutes are fresh pineapple or papaya. I too have suffered with this for about thirty years. Stay away from iceberg lettuce, milkfat, and too much bananas and cabbage, as they are so hard to digest. Iceberg lettuce is the worst. I ate salad like crazy as a teen, trying to stay away from pizza and burgers. I thought they were the cause. I found out over time that the iceberg was making worse problems for me than any junk food ever could. Just eat greenleaf.



answers from Scranton on

Hi, having had my gall bladder out and still having problems, I found a natural cure that works ( for me anyway). At first signs of the pain take 3 to 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinagar. Sounds nasty but in less than ahalf an hour I feel much better. This is also very affordable compared to anti acids. Good luck hope you can deal with this sour cure and that it helps.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi R.,

They are the same thing. When there is not enough acid in the stomach to digest food, the food rots a little and produces gases that push that tender esophageal valve up and the gases burn the tender tissue in the esophagus.

Instead of an antacid that usually causes reflux to progressively get worse, try either a teaspoon of vinegar at the beginning of each meal or you can do the easy thing by either eating a dill pickle or having lemon in your water. That should start breaking the food down appropriately.

Hope this helps!


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