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Updated on November 07, 2011
M.B. asks from Westbury, NY
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My husband is a small buisness owner and we are currently looking for affordable health insurance for our family of four. Any help would be appreciated!

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answers from New York on

Not sure how small his business is, but there is some kind of special program available from NYS to help small businesses and small business owners get health insurance. It's called Healthy NY and I believe there's more information regarding it on the New York State website. Check into it because, as you know, health insurance is VERY expensive here.

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answers from Washington DC on


If you google Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and talk to them about group rates. You can find an insurance agent as well. Some of the bigger companies are breaking out and offering health check with your primary insurance provider.




answers from New York on

Hi M.,
My husband and I are small business owners and we've been working with a broker, Vincent Paone. We're in Westchester County but you can google his name and call him to see if location matters our if he can suggest someone more local. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. Let me know if you can't find his number and I will get it for you. It's at my office and I'm not. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

Find a health insurance broker. They will be able to get you several quotes for several differant companies and explain all the jargon to you.

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