Health Insurance for My 2 Daughters

Updated on March 20, 2010
J.M. asks from Scottsdale, AZ
7 answers

Hi! I need to get health insurance for our 2 children. We are currently covered under Ahcccs, however our income level has recently changed and now we don't qualify. We would meet the requirements for KIDS CARE through the state, however they are at capacity and out of funds, you can get on a wait list, but they give you no time frame. Thanks to our lovely state that is out of money! Does anyone know of any other programs or insurance plans that are affordable and have good coverage?
Thanks so much!

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answers from San Francisco on

Our friends have insurance through Blue Shield, its a balance 2500 plan. We almost signed up for it too but my husband became eligible for insurance through his work. If Blue shield is in your area, it might be a good way to go. It was going to be about $100 each per month and the visits werer $30.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi J.. My husband is an Insurance Broker and he does have many different carriers that he can help you shop around for the best price for your situation. His website is
or his cell phone anytime is ###-###-####



answers from Phoenix on

I shopped around a lot for insurance when we were 'on our own'. I found that BCBS had the best rates with the best benefits.



answers from Phoenix on

We are currently trying to get coverage too. I have never applied for ahccs but probably can qualify. But we are working with an agent and she found us some really really great rates. We are all being covered for like $250/m for my husband, myself and our daughter. If your interested I can email you the info to look into. Goodluck



answers from Tucson on

I have Health Net for both my kids. It is $174 a month. Copay is 30 for the doctor visits.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi J.,

I believe I can help you or at least know someone that can. I work for him! He is a licensed Agent/Broker and represents several Companies/Plans. They even represent ING for Life Insurance.

Anyway, because he is a Broker he can shop around and find something that will meet your daughters' needs and fit your pocket book. I don't know how old your daughters' ages are but he even has a plan where they can get immunizations for free for up to the age of 5.

He's local, in fact he has a physical office in Scottsdale! So you can even meet him there or he can come to you which is what he does mostly to accommodate his clients. There is no cost for a appointment. Just let him show you the various plans so you can compare. I know you will be happy with what he has plus I trust him! He has always done right by me and my family. He is a reputable trustworthy man!

I am more than happy to recommend Greg Mayer ###-###-#### It does not hurt to call and when you tell him "A." referred you. You will end up helping my family and I.

A. Merrick



answers from Phoenix on

Wow, good luck! We own our own small business, so we can't get a group rate. Our family rate of $500 per month was upped to $1100 with a one month warning with American Community. Now we too are insurance shopping again. Our insurance broker told us that Health Net only guarantees rates for one month, Blue Cross usually puts riders on policies if you have any type of preexisting condition so they don't cover it....... Make sure you shop around and ask questions and know what you are getting. We have a great guy Bill Cutler, web site is or phone # ###-###-####.

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