Have You Seen the 9/11 Coloring Book?

Updated on August 26, 2012
A.W. asks from Saint Charles, IL
12 answers

Have you all seen the 9/11 coloring book? What do you think? I'll post a link to the yahoo story about it for those who haven't heard of it. I'm just curious to see what others think about it.

I think it's weird and creepy. I would not buy this for my child. I think it is disrespectful to the victims. I was esp. weirded out by the terrorist trading cards. What is THAT about?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The thing has trading cards. I am virtually speechless. Perhaps they can do a genocide one next. Trading cards along the lines of 'I'll trade you a Rwanda for a Bosnia'. I am absolutely horrified. What could they possibly be thinking?

ETA - oh, I see they do not just demonize Muslims. The publishers state evil could also be an 'avowed atheist'. I do feel special now - I have always been the middle class white woman - I NEVER got to be lumped in with the terrorists before :).

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answers from Jacksonville on

Ummm...they call it PG 13. What kid over 13 wants a coloring book? Just weird.

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answers from Phoenix on

I won't be buying this. I don't think it's a good 'coloring' book for children at all.

PS: What do you think about this new coloring book???????

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answers from Seattle on

Holey smokes. This coloring book is...different.

I guess I'm a politically correct square, because this isn't my bag at all. Not for teenagers and not for children.

(Totally as an aside, I'm surprised to see that the WikiLeaks founder has been promoted to a trading card personality. "I'll trade you one mass murderer for one website founder?")

Oh you've got to check this blog out - yah get to see one of the pages of the book as well as a coo-coo crazy quote from publisher Wayne Bell.


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answers from Portland on

If it's truly to 'educate', all I can say is *this is what happens when you try to dumb down education*. It's just inane. Any young person old enough to be interested and to talk about this stuff probably won't be coloring in it, if you know what I mean....

It's also an interesting twist of semantics when people revel in 'not being politically correct' instead of just telling the truth: "we are going to speak our narrow, intolerant, bigoted minds!"

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answers from Philadelphia on

Are you friggin' kidding me??? There are terrorist trading cards inside?! Who the hell thought this was a good idea?! THis is so wrong. I still have a very hard time viewing any images of the towers and the happenings of that day. I've never been so traumatized by something in my life and I cried for days. Obviously, this is something children should learn but this is not it! And the terrorist cards.... I'm at a loss for words. This reminds me of how the news goes and sensationalizes all the terror one gun violence and then other people who are screwed up in the head get ideas to go and do something drastic that will land them on the news (or in trading cards). Children don't need to know about this stuff... seriously. What about a coloring book of heroes, huh? Role models????

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answers from San Francisco on

Can't we just let the kids be kids without them having to relive the horror of 9/11 as they color? Kids should not be dealing with that subject matter. That is for adults. They can worry about terrorists when they get older.

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answers from Boston on

A teaching tool???? Here's a teaching tool--- Spend 12-48 hours not knowing if the four people you love most in the world are dead or alive and then see how you feel about our planetary obsession with killing.

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answers from Washington DC on

No. I haven't seen it. As we approach the anniversary of this "event" (for lack of better words) people will try to milk it for more money...

I can't see the "pictures" inside as to what they want the kids to color...however, it doesn't appear to be a coloring book I would purchase for my children. they don't need to see it again and again and again...becoming desensitized to the violence that took place that day...and the thousands who perished...

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with you. It is weird, creepy, disrespectful. Just another money making ploy.

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answers from Norfolk on

That's just WRONG.
I'd never buy that.

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answers from Norfolk on

I think you ladies need to lighten up. It is absolutely not for your children! I have several copies that I will be keeping for posterity. My kids will not be seeing them or coloring them until they are over 18 and understand the references. I happen to find them hilarious and spot on!

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