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Changing Formula

He drank a lactose-free formula because he had a horrible time trying to digest regular formulas. My daughter was on a soy formula the entire first year. ...

Switching from Similac to Enfamil (Add On)

So if you have some free formula, I say use it. If it turns out that he has some gas or starts spitting up more, then you know the Similac works better for ...


Have you tried a lactose free formula? Like Enfamil or Similac Lacto-Free? It really helped my boys. Jen. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Formula and Reflux

I was just curious if there was a better formula out there that everyone. ... Ours got us a case for free! You can also try Nestle Good Start, My gosh that ...

Enfamil Lipil W/ Iron vs Kirkland Formula

Formula is expensive!!! I'm using Enfamil Lipil w/ Iron. At..." ... receive free gifts, offers, and useful information for you and your family. ...

Help with Preparing Formula Bottles

with our 15-month old, then tried that with our 3-month old, but she spit up a lot, so our ped recommended a Lactose-Free formula (the name is escaping me ...

Good Start vs Similac Switch?

Oct 18, 2009 ... try Enfamil Lactose Free formula. worked like a charm for my little guy. Helpful ? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Advice Needed About Switching from Formula to Milk

Yesterday I replaced one feeding of formula with whole cow's milk in the Born Free Trainer Cup. We didn't have much success with drinking the milk, ...

Too Much Formula??

She didn't seem too concerned about the amount of formula she was getting. ... I have lots of ideas on things we have tried, so feel free to email me at: ...

Parents Choice Formula

I used parent's choice formula and so have a couple of my friends. ... of parents com · free formula · generic good start formula · enfamil ingredient ...
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