Updated on February 27, 2008
T.T. asks from Douglasville, GA
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Hi Moms
I live in Hiram, and I was wondering if anyone knows of some places in Hiram where my 6 year old daughter can take Gymnastics, and my 12 year old son can take Karate.


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Hey there!
I am a mom in Dallas (New Hope) and there is a GREAT place out here called New Hope Martial Arts. The instructor is Master White and he is AWESOME with the kids. He is very into the family, respect, school, the kids grades, and the community. I highly reccommend him if you are still looking and it is not too far for you. I hope this helps as far as the Karate

The gymnastics is great here also. It is in Hiram. It is called Paulding Gymnastics. They are right behind Greystone Power and next door to Pump It Up. My daughter is going to be starting there soon. I have been there seversl times and am very impressed with them. Matter of fact, I am working on a gift to send them from one of the parents there. Check them out, I am sure you will be VERY happy. If you are interested, I own my own business here in Dallas. I do unique, personalized & hand-made gifts and more for kids! If you are interested, go to I am giving ALL Mamasource customers 25% off their entire order. Hit the Contact Us Button if you are interested! Take care and have a blessed day! A. W.



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Hi! I am A.. I have a 3 year daughter who is enrolled in Gymnastics in Douglasville. She loves it. Their website is and phone number is ###-###-####. They are located on Bright Star Road right off Hwy 5. I am not sure of any places in Hiram. I live in between Douglasville and Hiram.

Good Luck!



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The best gymnastics center around is Paulding Gymnastics. My daughter has been there for 4 years and competing for 2 of those. They are wonderful. They have a gym just for younger children.



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Cobb County has classes, here's the link:
I would check the Paulding county recreation centers for information on classes. If the locations aren't working for you, try other counties. The price might be a little more but much less than a private organization. Good luck!



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I only have vague info, sorry. There are two places. I hear the better of the two is off of 276 before you get to pump it up, I hope you know where I'm talking about, it's on the left going into dallas leaving hiram. It's a pre-fab building I also think it's behind a heavy equiptment rental place as for another landmark. They may have Cheerleading signs on the outside of the building??

The other is off of 278 and Florence near pro sports. Florence is the intersection where the Waffel house is before you enter Hiram.

Both of these are word of mouth, I'm looking for a place for my daughter (6) for this summer, just have not started researching. Hopefully someone else has the names of the places.




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Hi, I live in Hiram too and we all take Tae Kwon Do at Georgia Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. It's located on Cadillac Pkwy and 278 in front of Pump it Up. I think there is a gymnastics center in the complex too.

I have a 12 and 15 year old boys as well as 6 weeks and 15 months. If you want I can meet you there one night and introduce you to the instructor. Your son can take a couple of classes while you decide if you want to join.


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