Goop in Eye?

Updated on February 24, 2010
A.M. asks from Dallas, TX
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today the skin around my daughters eye is a little red and she has this goop in the corner of her inner eye (kind of like what you have in the morning when you wake up). Is this pink eye or has a cold settled in her eye? I have never had pink eye so i am not sure what to look for.

she is only 16 mos so i dont know if it is painful. she rubs it every now and then but no more than she usually does. will call dr in the morning

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So What Happened?

thank you for all the responses. of course this morning her other eye is all puffy with goop. took her to dr and he checked her for the ear infection also - all good there, but it is pink eye. not sure if it is viral or bacterial but either way he gave her drops. we will see how easy it is to put them in a 16 mo old eyes...yikes!

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It sounds like pink eye, which can be very contagious. I would definitely take her in to see the Dr. ASAP so it doesn't spread to the other eye if it is. The Dr. will give you a scrip for Vigamox which is great to keep on hand. It works immediately. If you have any other children they will need to stay away from her for awhile.

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My daughter had the same thing, and in her case the goop was continuing all day. It turned out that she had an ear infection. Sometimes a little one can have that and not exhibit any symptoms or complain at all, its amazing.



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My 29 month old has pink eye as we speak. Is the goop greenish yellow like it is infected? You will know if it is pink eye because when she wakes up her eyes will be closed shut with gooey crustys. There are different kinds of pink eyes and yes she will rub because it itches. Pink eye is very contagious, so until you know for sure you might want to take precaution. Try not to let her rub her eye and if she does you need to wash her hands. Whatever touches her eyes like your hands, covers, pillows, favorite doll anything needs to be washed.



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By raising 4 children and sending them to public school, I got to see pink eye more than once. It is very, very contagious. Keep washing your hands, daughter's hands, and ask her to keep her hands away from eyes. Pink eye usually gets started by using the hand to wipe at nose, then later smearing those nasty "snot-germs" into eye. If you take her to a doctor, they will prescribe antibiotic drops that work well. If you'd like to avoid doctor visits in the future, keep a bottle of SIMILASAN in your first aid kit. At the first sign of infection, morning or night, put drops in eye. I found it to be extremely effective in stopping the infection at first sign. You can google SIMILASAN. It is sold over-the-counter at most stores.



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Whether its pink eye or another eye infection, try a warm, wet compress for as long as your daughter will tolerate. Doing this a few times a day will get the goop out, reduce swelling, and may even treat the pink eye without antibiotics.



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Is her eye red and painful? It probably is pink eye. A cold compress will help with swelling and pain. There is over the counter remedies at your local drugstore. The main thing is to have her wash her hands OFTEN. It is very contagious. She needs to stay home. If it looks like it is improving tomorrow then a Dr. visit shouldn't be necessary. But if it is worse, I would get her to the doc for some presription drops and or salve. You might try one of those clinics at your local Walgreens. They are there for just this kind of thing.



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sounds like it could be pink eye. You'll know in the morning. If her eye is red/pink and is stuck together. Wipe her eye gently with a damp cloth to clean the goop, rince the cloth well, and put it in the dirty cloths. Wash your hands very well. Then get her to a doctor.

Pink eye is extremely contagious.



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It could possibly be pink eye or just some type of cold. My daughter had the same thing and it turned out to be a cold. The doctor gave us some eye drops and it was gone. Pink eye is very sore and it looks very sore. I would say if she is not really all that fussy it could just possibly be a cold. But nothing to worry about over night.



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It does sound like pink eye , you may notice tomorrow it starts to go pink and the goop becomes more to the point where her eye lashes will stick together. She will need drops otherwise it won't clear up.



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I have very dry eyes all the time and can't wash away irritants like normal people. I would talk to the pediatrician, they should want to look at her anyway to rule out pink eye and you might ask at that time if you can use
eye drops that only moisturize her eyes.

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