Good Seamstress in St Louis?

Updated on September 24, 2009
A.L. asks from Saint Louis, MO
7 answers

Hi Ladies,

I'm going to be in my brother's wedding on Oct 11 (out of state)
My sister-in-law to be just informed me that my bridesmaid's dress is in the mail to my house (over 2 weeks late).

So, now I have less than 2 weeks to get it altered before I go to NJ to be in the wedding.

Anyone know a good seamstress?

I got the dress extra long so that they can put straps on it (and I'm guessing it'll need other alterations)

I just need someone good... who can turn this around pretty fast.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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answers from St. Louis on

I live in St. Charles City, and I had to get a bridesmaid dress altered for my out-of-town sister's wedding last spring. I asked around and found that there is a little asian woman who does wonderful work and has a good turn-around time. She does her work out of the shoe repair shop in the corner of the Dierbergs Plaza on Zumbell, on the Wild Birds store side, not the Michael's side. Seems like a bizzare set up at first but my dress turned out great! Good Luck!



answers from St. Louis on

I have also used Creve Coeur Tailor for many years.



answers from St. Louis on

I use a lady in Chesterfied. Can't remember the name of the shop but it is on Long Road in the small plaza across from McDonalds. I think it's called Genia's. She is wonderful!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have used both these places regularly. It might cost more than you'd like but they'll do a fantastic job. They can do anything with amazing results & I'm sure they could do your dress quickly. I believe both require cash payment at pickup & if you need things like a foam bra insert or anything like that, you'd need to bring it with you. Both of these locations are in the U City area.

Perfect Fit Tailor Shop & Alterations
8143 Delmar Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130

Lyuba's Alterations
624 N And South Rd Saint Louis MO 63130



answers from St. Louis on

I don't know where you're located, but Sandy's Alterations on Hampton Ave. (Saint Louis Hills) is wonderful. I have been using her for almost 20 years for major and minor fixes. Her prices are reasonable too.



answers from St. Louis on

I've used W & B Tailoring on Big Bend (south of Clayton Rd) in Richmond Heights for a couple of bridesmaids dresses. The rates are reasonable, and they can get the job done quickly.



answers from St. Louis on

Creve Coeur Tailor on Old Olive. I've taken many items there with wonderful results.

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