Going to the Bathroom in Kindergarten

Updated on August 12, 2008
Y.D. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello moms, I have a question about the kids using the bathroom in Kindergarten.
Usually I don't let my son sit on the toilet in a public place without putting toilet paper on the seat, but I always do it for him. How does that work in school, is it safe for the kids to sit on the seat when they have to do the No. 2? or should I teach him to put the paper over the seat before sitting on it.
Also - he usually wipes himself, but sometimes has issues and needs help. Has anyone ever had problems with that?

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your help. This is good advice.

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I think it is important that you do not make a big deal about using the bathroom at school. The last thing you want is your child be afraid to use the bathroom at school, that will start a whole new set of problems! I agree with the other mom who states that you do not want your son to be wasting class time in the bathroom. I would remind him to go potty, wipe and return to class as soon as he can. I used to teach in the public schools, and it was a problem when the kids would take a long time to use the bathroom. He may miss valuable information.


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There are many things more dirty and bacteria laden than toilet seats. For example, the flush handle, the faucet handle on the sink, and door handle are way more dirty than the toilet seat. (Urine is actually sterile, as gross as it would be to sit on it. There really aren't that many "butt germs" you can get from a seat.) He'll be ok with wiping. He'll get pretty good at it if there is no one there to help. I wouldn't teach him to put TP on the seat at school. What you should do, and what is more important, is to make very sure he knows how important it is to wash his hands after he's finished in the bathroom. He should use lots of soap and rinse very well to rinse off all the germs.
Check out this website for more info:



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if it concerns you maybe you can teach him to 'clean' the toilet seat w/tp first to make sure its "dry" so not to sit in anything



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Hi Y.- I wouldn't necessarily consider a classroom bathroom public so I may not want my child to spend the time/effort in seat covering (also missing valuable classroom time). I am a SAHM of 4- 3 of who are school age- we have not had bathroom issues at school and the girls have never complained of a "messy" school bathroom. i would however start working on independant bathroom behavior from your son. He may not wipe as well as you but will probably do a fine job and not be ashamed in front of his new classmates.
Good Luck and I hope your son enjoys school!

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