Funky Smell in Basement

Updated on August 24, 2008
E.C. asks from Florissant, MO
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I have a strange odor in my basement. It's kind of a musty/mildew smell. In June part of our basement flooded, and I'm pretty sure that was the source of the smell. Our basement is not finsihed, the concrete floor is painted and we have a few rugs down there in the play area. I have tried pouring bleach down the drains and have used a carpet deodorizer on the rugs, but the smell is still there The rugs seem to smell fine now, but the odor just hangs in the air. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe some type of bomb I can set off??!!!?

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Hi, E..

Do you have a dehumidifier inthe basement? I've had one for years, and it failed about 3 weeks ago. Within a week, the basement smelled musty and I could see mold starting to form on the boxes. We bought a new one at Lowes (large capacity) for about $200. In 3 days, the basement smelled much better, and the humidity dropped from 95% to 80%, and it's still dropping. I typically set it at 60%.

Even if it doesn't feel damp, high humidity might not be helping your situation. Good luck!


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I wish that I could help you with this. I am in the same predicament. I am looking forward to your responses from other moms.

Good luck!



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Have you checked out your main stack (main water line in the basement). Sometimes if it's remotely clogged, fumes can permeate out of there.



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If your rugs were involved they more than likely have bacteria growing that can effect your health. The concrete can get moldy. I would place everythingaway from the walls and take a bottle mixed with 1 part bleach and three parts water and spray the walls at the bottom. Then i would clean all toys if they can be or toss if cant if they were in the water. Then really mop those floors with the same solution as the walls. put a fan down to help dry.

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