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Updated on October 02, 2010
I.T. asks from Van Nuys, CA
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hi moms, i have to start my baby on formula, she is 8 months, last night i started with first dose and she went right after sleep, this morning 2nd dose and she vomited all she ate on me, she never vomits, she had very bad last night, was sleeping so restless so i dont know is it from formula or should i just continue giving it to her? thank you

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answers from Washington DC on

did you move her right from breast milk to formula, no adjustment period?
she probably had a restless night due to tummy upset.
mix a little (very little! no more than an ounce!) formula in with her breast milk, and GRADUALLY add more. take at least a week, preferably 2.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Why quit breastfeeding now? If there is a reason why you have to stop - ie: returning to work - then why not try pumping then nursing her when you are with her. Or at least slowly weaning her from breastmilk rather than making such an abrupt transition.
Her body is rejecting the formula because it is inferior to what she was receiving before. I know that isn't a "politically correct" thing to say, but I'm tired of mincing words when I feel otherwise.

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answers from St. Louis on

I would try half and half for at least a week. Make sure she burps after a couple ounces too. Also, could she have ate to fast the 2nd time to cause her to vomit. When my daughter was on formula she would tend to eat too fast and vomit it all up. If none of that works I would look into switching formulas, Good Start is suppose to be the most gentle on baby's tummy.

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answers from Anchorage on

Ease her into the change a bit, her stomach needs to adjust to the heavier feel of the formula. Try mixing half and half with breast milk for a bit so she can get used to it. Chances are she may spit up more anyway because when feeding from a bottle babies swallow a little more air. You can counter that by stopping to burp every 2 ounces or so.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Do you have allergies in your family history related to cow's milk or soy products? I had children allergic to both and when I had to stop breast feeding for medical reasons I went exactly what you are going through. My mother-in-law suggested goat's milk. You can buy it powered online or at many markets. It literally saved my daughter's life. Goat's milk is much more easily digested than cow's milk and is a more natural product than soy formulas. My daughter transitioned her baby to goat's milk when he was weaning himself. The powdered product is great. You just add the correct amount for 4 oz or 8 oz and add either cooled boiled water or bottled water. Shake the bottle and ready to go. My grandson transitioned from goat's milk to cow's milk over about a year and so far as no allergies. Ask you pediatrician about it. All the other mother's are correct that you need to transition. You should be able to do it over a week or too. You will know very quickly if you have a problem. All three of my children were raised on goat's milk until age 5 and only one of them is still sensitive if he ingests too much at one time. Cow's milk allergies were rampant in both my family and my spouse's, so I was very worried about my grandson, but he is doing great. Good luck.

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answers from Buffalo on

I would talk to your doctor (pediatrician) you migt have to try a different formula. Not all formulas agree with all kids.

and add slowly, start out 7 oz breast milk to 1 oz formula and continue to add formula slowly 6oz formula to 2 oz milk, 5 oz form. to 3 oz Breast milk until 0oz breast milk. This takes time.

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answers from Phoenix on

Formula is harder to digest. I'm sure it upset her stomach. She'll most likely get used to it but I'd talk to your doctor. My oldest weaned himself at 9 months and I went straight to a cup and food because he was already eating stuff. He's 17 now and healthy. Good luck!!

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answers from Honolulu on

Make sure the formula isn't Similac because a lot of their products have been recalled because they make babies sick.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I am thinking you really need to do this gradually!
I answered this about whole milk a while ago...But you can use it for formula too! Just replace 'whole milk' with 'formula' and adjust the age as necessary.

I started transitioning my daughter from breastmilk to whole milk at 11 months. I did it gradually, replacing a few ounces per meal and then waited 3 days before increasing it. For example, if taking a 8 ounce bottle per feeding, then what I did was this...7 ounces breastmilk/formula and 1 ounce whole milk per bottle. Waited 3 days to make sure everything was fine. Then 6 ounces breastmilk/formula and 2 ounce whole milk per bottle and waited 3 days again. Then 5 ounces breastmilk/formula and 3 ounce whole milk per bottle and waited 3 days again. And so on until you have completely transitioned to whole milk.

Good luck to you!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I had a similar deal. My son never threw up either. I got a bunch of formula samples from our ped so we could try different kinds for sensitive tummies. We ended up finding a formula that worked. It's just a matter of trial and error and unfortunately the error part involves barf!


answers from Los Angeles on

I wouldn't. I would talk to your pediatrician before continuing the formula. It doesn't seem to have settled well with her. She may be allergic to something in the formula. You might want to talk to your pediatrician about trying another type of formula. One for sensitive stomachs. Or possibly even a soy based formula. Generally if she vomited right after giving her the formula, I would think something in the formula is what made her little stomach upset. If she is used to breast milk only I would try to wean her into formula if you haven't already. Nine months was about the time I started to wean my son. I gave him breastmilk only for nine months and I started a bottle of formula a day. Then after a week I worked in a second bottle. I keep him on mostly breastmilk but would supplement a couple bottles of formula a day. If you want to switch to formula only, I would try weaning her into it. I reallyhope it works for you. It's terrible when our kids are sick. I hope you find a solution that works for you and your little one. The best of luck to the both of you.



answers from Los Angeles on

Do not give her formula. Continue to breast feed if at all possible or pump. It is so important for her future. The formula may be soy and that is GMO these days and it is soo bad. Makes bones ache and vomit and grow too fast and too much estrogen like effects that mess up the cell nucleus. Then the Bt in the GMO that creats leaky gut and other intestinal problems. Even the corn syrup in the formulas is GMO. This may be why the health of our children growing up now is getting worse. Check out Pottengers Cats. Also get information from Weston A. Price on this topic. Nothing good in formula and it really is bad for the teeth and tongue and other muscles to bottle feed. She can have poor muscle posture as she gets older and mouth breathe and eat sloppy and crooked teeth and more. I am a nutritional therapist and orofacial myofunctional therapist.

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